Wooly Pig Farm Brewery

View of the brewery

After Dillon State Park, we had a few days to get to Pittsburgh for the weekend, and we had a few interesting options for staying in between. The first was one we found on Harvest Hosts, Wooly Pig Farm Brewery, and it turned out to be an amazing find.

Our parking spot for the night

Wooly Pig is only about 45 minutes from Dillon State Park, so we got some work done at Dillon until about 3 before heading over. We had a rainy drive, but it was really pretty also with the changing colors along the Tuscarawas River. The brewery is only a couple of years old, but it already seems like a big part of the community. We hung out at the brewery from about 5-9, and it was packed with locals. Most of the people we talked to lived on farms around the brewery, all knew each other, and were super interesting.

Amazing beer

In addition to the great atmosphere, Wooly Pig also has great beer. I’m not sure the name of the beer, but they were just releasing one made from paw paw fruit that was really good. Our favorite was the IPL Eins, and I liked the Rauchbier, which has a smoky flavor. There is no food at Wooly Pig, but Amici’s pizza was delivering all night.

This was only our second stop on Harvest Hosts, but it was awesome. We’re looking forward to trying more as we make our way back to South Carolina.

Happy Halloween

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