Williams, AZ

Most of the time we decide where to go based on it being in a cool location. Other times, it is all about convenience. Williams is one of the latter. Williams is 2 hours from the trailhead at Havasu so we stayed here before and after our amazing weekend in the canyon. We left our RV in the park while we hiked and that was really convenient. We were at the Grand Canyon Railway Park and while it was nothing special, the price was right (with our Passport America discount) and it had laundry and a nearby grocery store – perfect for our needs.

Still can’t get over the beauty of our Havasupai visit

RV Maintenance

After our summer in the Rockies, it has seemed like our brakes are making some weird noises. We have been putting it off, but decided it was finally time to do something about it. We found a shop in Williams that would look at it and we are really glad we did! The RV’s brakes were, in fact, shot. If it had gone much longer, it would have been a much bigger problem! So, we had the RV in the shop and worked from the McDonald’s across the street while the RV brakes were repaired. We had the Jeep worked on too. It was a productive week!

RV gets a brake job this week

Doctor Visit

Austin’s follow up appointment from his MRI in Flagstaff is this week too. We still weren’t completely sure what was going on with his back, but the second steroid pack had helped considerably. We drove from Williams (about an hour) to his appointment. Once again, we loved the practice and the doctor. If you ever need an Ortho in Flagstaff we recommend Northern Arizona Orthopedics for sure. Anyway – we found out that he herniated a disk in his lower back. Not only that, but there were signs of a previous herniation too. No wonder he has been in so much pain! Since the second steroid pack helped so much, the doctor said the best thing to do was strengthen his core and take it somewhat easy as he continues to improve. If he still has pain, an epidural may be in order but we are hoping that won’t be necessary.

We aren’t doctors, but this apparently ins’t good (at least I think this is the right picture of the damage)

After a relatively good appointment, we headed back to Williams. It has gotten really really cold here! So cold that we decided we would rather just hole up at the park than try to move so we extended our stay by a few days. Williams is right on Route 66 so there was plenty of time to check that out too. It was pretty quiet while we were here, but I can only imagine the town in its prime!

Resting up from all of the hiking we did last weekend

We spent the week getting caught up on work and regrouping from having so many adventures and friends around. Our next stop is Sedona! We can’t wait to check that out!

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