Wilde Prairie Winery

After leaving Badlands National Park, we drove across the entire state of South Dakota to a Harvest Host, Wilde Prairie Winery. This drive is easy, and we even watched a college football game in the background for part of the drive.

Wilde Prairie was nice and really popular. We think we’ve finally figured out how to go to a Harvest Host also. Instead of spending a fortune on tastings and a bottle, we just bought a bottle of wine and took it back to the RV. One of our favorite things about Harvest Hosts is how social they can be, but this particular day we were worn out so this was perfect for us.

Winery view from the RV

Temperature Watch

The Bounder made it across the state, but we noticed the temperature go up slightly whenever we climbed hills. Fortunately, it is a pretty flat drive, so it didn’t happen often. I’ve been monitoring the coolant level, and it seems like we have a leak somewhere. I’m no mechanic, but it seems to be around the water pump. We’ve been adding coolant periodically and will get it looked into as soon as possible.

We have gotten really familiar with this part of the RV, unfortunately

Leaving Wilde Prairie Winery – Where Next?

We planned all year to meet our families in South Bend, Indiana for the Clemson vs Notre Dame game in November. COVID forced the conferences to make decisions about how to handle the season. In the end, they limited attendance for this game, so we definitely would not be able to go. We considered going through Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan on the way back to South Carolina. However, given the Bounder’s engine issues, we’ve decided to take the most direct route back.

RV Mechanics

It’s not easy to get work done on an RV when you’re living in it. RV mechanics are in high demand, and most of the time, you leave the RV with them for weeks. This hasn’t been an option for us, but once we have the sailboat too, we think it will be. We’re hoping to just get back to South Carolina and figure it out. That being said, the next stop for us is Omaha, and we’re hoping to get the water pump checked out for now.

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