Whitebarrel Winery + DC Converter Fix

We used the heat a lot during the ice storm at Claytor Lake and unfortunately woke up to dead batteries on Friday morning. Obviously, when you’re plugged up to an electric hookup this should not be happening.  We really needed to get this issue fixed because we wouldn’t be hooked up for the next few days. We had been having seemingly random battery issues since A.W. Marion, but the problem hadn’t been obvious because the battery issues were so sporadic.  It was an indicator that we had something wrong since the batteries were dead after being hooked up to electricity. However, it was also good because now the battery issues didn’t seem so random. I did some testing and read forums on Friday morning and came away convinced that our dc convert/charge controller was no longer working.

Troubleshooting our battery issues

After calling around, we found Tonie’s RV Shop in Salem, VA that had a replacement in stock. It was 45 minutes away, but the alternator was still working to charge the batteries so we decided to make the drive and charge everything up. Our RV has had a lot of modifications since it left the factory, and Tonie’s fixed our battery issues and helped me troubleshoot some other weird wiring issues that I had been having.

Installing our new DC Converter/Charge Controller

We left Tonie’s RV feeling great having resolved our ongoing battery issue.  Naturally, once we had driven a few miles toward our next destination, Whitebarrel Winery, all of our gauges stopped working. This seemed par for the course, but after shifting into park at a stoplight, they luckily came back to life.

We arrived at Whitebarrel Winery right after sunset. It would have been before sunset, but we missed the turn and had to unhook the Jeep to turn around. Once we were there, it was awesome. Everyone there was really nice and accommodating, and we really enjoyed the wine and cheese. This was one of our best Harvest Host stops yet!

Awesome charcuterie board at Whitebarrel Winery


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