West Virginia Football Game by RV

The gorgeous Woodburn Hall

Since we’ve had the RV, we’ve talked about all the different possibilities with it besides just staying at campgrounds. We’ve stayed at a couple of breweries and wineries so far, but we really wanted to take it to an event. We looked into taking it to a Clemson game earlier in the season, but the demand for Clemson is crazy right now and we couldn’t even get on the waiting list for the 2018 season. Our route back to SC for Thanksgiving took us right by Morgantown, WV so we decided to see if we could take the RV to a game there. It turned out to be so much easier than going to Clemson. The RV spots are first come first serve, and the lot opens at 8am on Friday, closes at noon on Sunday, and it’s only $80 for the weekend, less than we’ve paid for some campgrounds.

West Virginia football game by RV
Our spot in the RV lot

We drove in from Ohiopyle on a rainy Friday morning and arrived at our spot on the Evansdale Campus around 10:00. The lot we were in was close to filling up, so we initially thought we had arrived just in time. However, the RV’s continued to come in all day and several parking lots were full by the end of the day. WVU was playing TCU so it wasn’t a huge matchup, but WVU was ranked in the top 10 so there was a pretty good turnout, especially considering the rain and cold weather forecast.

After we finished up the work day on Friday, we hung out in the parking lot for a while with some of our neighbors. They are WVU alum and they gave us some Morgantown recommendations.  As a result, we decided to take the WVU Personal Rapid Transport situation (which is free and pretty interesting) downtown for dinner. We didn’t have have any issues using the PRT this time, but locals told us that it can be pretty unreliable. We really liked hanging out in downtown Morgantown – everything was pretty cheap, and we ate at a Thai place that was really good.

Stewart Hall – one of the many pretty buildings in downtown Morgantown

On Saturday we woke up to snow and a 29 degree RV!  Temperatures were in the 20’s outside, and it only reached 34 the rest of the day. We walked to the PRT station to ride to the stadium,  but we got to experience its unreliability and ultimately ended up walking the 1.7 miles to the stadium. We walked around some of the tailgating lots and considered trying to buy a ticket to the game, but it was so cold and windy that we ended up not even really trying. It wasn’t worth paying for tickets and staying out in the cold to watch teams that we really don’t even care about, so we walked back to the RV and watched the Ole Miss and Clemson games.

Waking up to a snowy foot ball Saturday – brrr!

After another fun football Saturday in the RV, it was time to hit the road. We enjoyed our time in Morgantown and loved being able to finally take the RV to an event.  We hope to take it to many more – especially once we get to warmer weather.

West Virginia football game by RV
Game day selfie

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