¡Viva Terlingua!

Terlingua Passing Wind

Terlingua is a place we’ve been looking forward to visiting since before we bought our Bounder. In fact, our Bounder spent most of its life there. Before we purchased it, the owner, Shawn, told us a few stories about his late dad and previous owner Jimmy Holbrook. Naturally, we Googled him when we got home and found a few articles (here and here) about his creation in Terlingua – Passing Wind.

Passing Wind

Apparently, Jimmy hosted an annual benefit for the local EMS on his property. With each passing year, Jimmy would build something bigger and better on the property – a tiki bar, a replica Statue of Liberty, a pirate ship, a volcano, a submarine, etc. This is where the Bounder lived for a long time, and we were excited to check it out.

Before we drove to Terlingua, we got a few tips from Shawn. We asked him about visiting Passing Wind, and he said, “Just look for the pirate ship when you enter the Ghost Town. You can’t miss it.” Surprisingly, we actually did miss it at first. We stayed at Retro Rents in the Ghost Town. As soon as we got set up, we drove around trying to find Passing Wind without much luck. When we arrived back to the Bounder, we realized that we were actually overlooking the pirate ship. It was literally fifty yards in front of us!

The Porch

After getting set up and checking out Passing Wind, we drove up to The Porch. The Porch is one of the best (and only) places to go in the Ghost Town. We expected expensive prices, but they had $10 six packs. You can grab one beer at a time, and they hold the rest in the fridge for you while you listen to live music on the porch.

Terlingua Ghost Town's The Porch
Enjoying the music and the view from The Porch in Terlingua Ghost Town

Terlingua’s Starlight Theater

The Starlight Theater is a restaurant right next to The Porch. It is probably the best restaurant in Terlingua. We both enjoyed our meals and it was a fun atmosphere with a guy playing music that sounded just like Robert Earl Keen.

Retro Rents in Terlingua Ghost Town

We used Terlingua as our basecamp for exploring Big Bend National Park. Before we got there, we worried about the internet not being good enough to work all week. However, the internet at Retro Rents was strong for the most part. We drove 30-40 minutes any time we went to the park, but the drives were pretty at least. Our first trip into the park was an after work hike at the Lost Mine Trail.

Lost Mines Trail Big Bend National Park only 40 minutes from Terlingua

We noticed another RV at Retro Rents with Florida plates and thought they might be full-timers also. It turns they were! The other RV was a couple about our age who have been RV’ing full time for about 5 years. They have a full tiki bar and invited us over for drinks one evening. They also work for Xcsapers. We are going to the Xscapers Convergence in Salida, CO in July, so we’ll definitely see them again.

Tiki drinks in Terlingua
Tiki drinks with our new friends – check out the lime carving

Lajitas, TX

Lajitas is a small border town about 15 minutes from Terlingua. We drove down another day after work for some mountain biking. After riding, we drove into town and got a beer at the Thirsty Goat, a fancy dive bar at the golf resort.

We’ll include more blog posts about our adventures (kayak camping and jeep camping) in Big Bend…

Evening storm in Terlingua
Awesome picture of the Bounder taken by our new friends during an evening storm

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