Oceanside Whale Watching

After our stay in Temecula, we continued on to the Vista Elks Lodge. On the way, we stopped at a great Mexican restaurant. All of the Mexican food we’ve had in SoCal has been really good.

Vista Elks Lodge and Vehicle Repairs

The Vista Elks Lodge is pretty basic, but it was perfect for our stop. We needed to make a couple of repairs on the RV and Jeep, so we decided to do them here.

Who knows how long this has been going on, but about two months ago, we realized that the fuel fill hose was leaking on the RV when we filled up. It wasn’t a huge leak, and we haven’t driven much, so it hasn’t been an emergency. However, we definitely don’t want to just waste fuel, especially in California! We got this fixed, but it was not fun. After cutting off the existing hose, we realized that the replacement hose was not the correct size. We probably tried four stores before we found the right one.

Fortunately, the Jeep was a much easier fix. The problem with the Jeep was a broken sway bar linkage. The sway bar linkage was really easy to swap out, and we couldn’t believe we’d been driving with it broken for so long.

We were glad to finish up these repairs, but we also had some fun in Vista. One day we finished up work early and took our bikes down to Oceanside. We had a great ride down to Encinitas and stopped by a brewery on the way home.

We also had another experience at the Elks Lodge that was unique to our trip. Apparently another RV in the park looked like ours, and the owner was really popular for some reason. We fielded knocks on our door all night the first night.

Vista Elks Lodge RV Park Sunset
Sunset at the Vista Elks Lodge


After spending the work week in Vista, we drove down to the Oceanside Elks Lodge for the weekend. This lodge is nice and in an awesome location. Our timing couldn’t have been better also because we arrived on February 14, and they were hosting a Valentine’s Day Dance. I really like to treat Leigh for Valentine’s, so this was perfect! After doing some research, we decided it was a little out of our price range, and we just cooked dinner at the RV instead. Maybe next time!

We had so much fun on our bike ride earlier in the week that we decided to do another ride on Saturday. We originally planned to ride from the lodge to Torrey Pines and take the train back, making the ride around 20-25 miles. However, the ride was beautiful, and Leigh was feeling it, so she decided we should just ride all the way back instead. I couldn’t believe it! We stopped at Pizza Port Brewery in Solana Beach for pizza and beer to break up the 45 mile ride.

While we didn’t go to the Valentine’s Dance on Friday night, we did drive down to the marina before getting groceries for dinner. Walking around the marina made us really want to get on the water, and Leigh found a deal on a whale watching tour for Sunday night. We weren’t sure what to expect, but thought just being on a boat would be fun. It was amazing. We saw several whales, tons of dolphins, and an amazing sunset.

Whale Tale Ocenside

Southern California is not a bad place to be this time of year!

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