Ventura County Parks – Foster and Faria Beach

Faria Beach RV Park

It was time to leave Malibu and our gorgeous views to head up the coast. Our moving day comes right as California’s governor has ordered the whole state to stay home in the peak of COVID-19. It’s getting even closer to home as people we know are being diagnosed. We made one final stop and headed to the campground to hole up for the week.

Unlevel Sites

We are staying at Foster Residence Park. As more and more campgrounds close, we are so thankful to have a site. The sites aren’t super level – in fact, we were supposed to be in Site 9, but it was so unlevel and the ranger let us move to Site 7 which is slightly better. We stayed there for a night before moving to Site 8. Finally – a site that’s level!

Foster County RV Park - Ventura
We were finally able to get level

RV Upgrade

We stopped by an RV store on the way and picked up a new bathroom vent fan. Ours is really old (the RV is 20 years old- pretty sure the one we had was original!) and has holes in it so bugs get in and is broken so it is super loud and basically unusable. We finally got around to buying a new one! The RV supply store brought it out to the RV and we paid by phone – social distancing for sure. As soon as we finished our work day, Austin installed it. It is such an improvement!

Weekend Activities

The next day we picked out a nearby hike to do. The mornings are still cool so we did a little work (even though it’s Saturday!) and had lunch before setting off on our adventure. We hiked the 7 mile Valley View Loop trail. It was really pretty and a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. The next day we went on a bike ride – we are so lucky we are in an area where we can still get outside and be active while we are on lockdown due to COVID-19.


Later in the week it seems like grocery stores have finally been able to catch up and have stocked shelves. Maybe people are getting it through their heads that they don’t have to stockpile and are just buying what they need! We were able to find two Boston Butts. We smoked them at the campground. It turned out to be a great place to smoke and spiced up our workday a bit!

Faria Beach County Park

After a fun but pretty uneventful week, we headed 15 minutes down the road to another Ventura County Park – Faria Beach. This park is right on the ocean so it is really popular. We arrived on a Friday and it was super windy. So windy that we didn’t even leave the RV! Luckily we had an amazing view from inside the RV so we watched the sunset over the ocean.

Bike Ride from Faria to Carpinteria

On Saturday the weather was perfect and we ventured out for a bike ride. We rode to Carpinteria and it was a beautiful ride along the ocean. The ride ended up being around 23 miles so we felt like we earned the right to a lazy afternoon. We sat outside in our chairs and read magazines while enjoying the nice weather and ocean views.

Sunday we went for a quick walk on the beach before packing up and heading up the coast a bit. Santa Barbara, here we come!

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