The Elks Lodge for RVers

We plan to spend a lot of time in California in a couple of months. From what we have heard, campgrounds can be pricey there. Fortunately, we met some friends last summer, Curt and Kate Gallagher, who told us about an option that worked well for them in California: The Elks

According to the Gallaghers, there are a ton of lodges with RV parks. The prices are reasonable, and many of them don’t take reservations. This is great because it makes planning easy. Most large cities have lodges with RV parks and bigger cities are often a challenge for us when trying to find a place to stay. The parks are either really expensive or not in very desirable areas.

We were sold on joining an Elks lodge, but weren’t sure if we would be able to. Our issue is that we don’t stay in one place long enough for the Elks initiation process, which can take a month or so. Our Thanksgiving flights were out of Phoenix so we knew we would be in the area for a few weeks. This seemed like our best bet for joining a lodge.

Phoenix Lodge #335

During our time in Sedona when we decided to start reaching out to some lodges in the Phoenix area to see if we could join. Luckily we found one that worked with our timing, but we had to be at a meeting that night! So, we made the drive down to Phoenix to drop off our information and sign up for initiation. The two hour drive was not fun in the Jeep, but hopefully it will be worth it in the long run.

After the initial meeting, I went to two other meetings before I was officially an Elk. I learned a lot about the Elks during these meetings – they are one of the largest scholarship providers in the country with almost $2.5 million given each year.

We quickly put our new Elks membership to use. The night we flew in from Thanksgiving we headed to the Tempe lodge for our first stay. It was great! We enjoyed our stay at the Tempe lodge and are looking forward to many more Elks stays. This option is helping us already, but we anticipate it helping even more once we get to California.

Elks Lodge RV Parking
Tempe Elks Lodge RV Parking
Tempe Elks Lodge

Elks RV App

I also made an app for finding Elks Lodges. You can download it here:

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