Santa Fe: Crazy Museum and a Half Century

Santa Fe is somewhere neither one of us have ever been so we are excited about visiting! After a week of boondocking 🙌 and a week in the super small Roswell, NM, we were really looking forward to being back in a city and having a few more conveniences. We took full advantage and had our mail sent to the campground, ordered anything we could possibly think of and did all of our laundry! It’s always a great feeling having all clean clothes, but that is amplified when you live in an RV!

When we were first researching things to do and see in Santa Fe, I saw a bike ride that I knew Austin would be all about. The annual Santa Fe Century (and Half Century) ride is the weekend we will be in town. I’ve only recently been getting into riding so 50 miles is definitely a stretch for me. Nonetheless, we signed up for the ride the Sunday morning of our time there. We decided to stay until Monday so we have a day to recover and we got there the Sunday before to adjust to the altitude and have a solid work week.

Santa Fe Bike Week

When we got to town, we saw posters advertising all of the activities they had going on for Bike Week. The events interested us so we did a little research and decided to check out a meetup that was going to be at a brewery. Draft is the company putting on the event and they host events for people who love Bikes + Biz + Beer. It sounded like it would be fun to meet people and a great way to potentially network a bit for Austin. It definitely wasn’t!! There seemed to be a decent amount of people there, but it wasn’t a networking event by any stretch. We sat through 4 or 5 short presentations (that were kinda weird if you ask me) and then we were dismissed. Oh well – at least we tried!!

Santa Fe Bike Week Event
At least there was a pretty sunset as we were leaving

Date Night: Meow Wolf and Italian

Another evening we went to the well-known Meow Wolf museum. It was an experience unlike any other!! You are encouraged to touch everything and open doors and push walls and the like. We climbed through a dryer at one point to get to a separate room. We walked through the back of a fridge too! It was very interesting. They had crazy lights and sounds and each room of the house was different. I really don’t know how to describe it!! After we left Meow Wolf we went to a nearby Italian Restaurant. It was SO good! If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend it.

Downtown Santa Fe

After a super productive work week with evening adventures mixed in, the weekend was here. On Saturday we went out for brunch then explored downtown. We walked around historic Santa Fe and took in the sights. We went to Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi and checked it out before walking over to Loretto Chapel. We planned on visiting Loretto Chapel to see the famous staircase, but it was $5 a person so we passed. Saturday night we took it easy to be ready for the next day.

Santa Fe Half Century

Sunday was here and it was time for the ride. I was pretty nervous about it – it was 15 miles longer than I have ever ridden AND it was the first time I have ever ridden in a group. Luckily, it all went well!! There were two different food stops on the course and I am so thankful! I definitely didn’t eat enough before the ride so I was really in need of some snacks by the time we reached the first food stop. Luckily, there were plenty of good options and I was good as new! There is one long climb that I was worried about, but even it wasn’t too bad!! I still can’t believe I rode 50 miles, but I did and I honestly think I could have even ridden longer that day!

The rest of the day, we relaxed, packed and recovered. We unfortunately didn’t love Santa Fe like we thought we would. The people were plain rude!! The downtown area also had a salesy/street vendor feel as opposed to a quaint feel if that makes sense. Tomorrow we are off to a Harvest Host winery before visiting Taos – maybe we will like that better!

Santa Fe Plaza
Santa Fe Plaza – full of vendors

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