San Francisco

San Francisco Bridge

San Francisco has been a destination we definitely wanted to visit from the time we moved into the RV because my cousin and her husband live there. We were able to see them in Golden last year, but that has been a while so we are excited to see them!

We left Pinnacles and headed toward San Francisco. We stopped by Gilroy to see the famous garlic town and get groceries and gas for the week. By the time we settled in at the South San Francisco Elks Lodge it was pretty late so we made dinner and got a good night’s rest.

Gas at the same time RV and Jeep
Getting gas in Gilroy. It’s so nice when we can fill both vehicles up at the same time!

The next day after work we headed over to my cousin’s place. It was so good to see them and we had a great time hanging out on their balcony and enjoying each other’s company.

San Francisco balcony sunset
Pretty sunset from their awesome balcony

South San Francisco Elks Lodge

The rest of the week we worked and stayed in at the RV. The Elks Lodge wasn’t the most scenic location, but the price was right. Also, it was a good place to get a lot of work done. One day we smoked a chicken so that was a fun activity to break up the work week.

Weekend in San Francisco

The weekend finally arrived and we went back over to my cousin’s apartment. We enjoyed dinners with them and a walking tour of their neighborhood. They live in an awesome location – we walked through the Presidio to the Golden Gate Bridge right from their place.

San Rafael

We left San Francisco already talking about planning a return trip. It was sad to leave, but we had something else to look forward to! One of Austin’s former coworkers and his family live in San Rafael so we headed over the bridge to their house.

It was really fun driving over the Golden Gate Bridge. We didn’t have nice weather when we walked on the bridge the day before, but it was super clear as we were driving over it! Even better – the toll is only coming into San Francisco so we didn’t have to pay it!

As soon as we got settled in our friends’ driveway for the evening, the boys went on a long bike ride. I went on a hike with the rest of their family and we had a great time. After so long without interacting with anyone, it was really nice to have some social interaction. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in San Francisco and in San Rafael!

Hike in San Rafael

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