San Diego, CA

Coronado Beach Sunset

After a whole month away, we flew back to San Diego to the RV. We had a lot of fun visiting with family and friends (and an awesome vacation), but we are really looking forward to being back home in the RV.

Crazy Landing

When we were landing in San Diego, we had a very crazy thing happened. The pilot got us almost to the ground then pulled up and kept going out over the ocean. Everything turned out fine, but I was scared imagining all of the bad things that could have happened – landing gear failed, pilot lost his mind, plane has been taken over… you get it. After our safe landing on the second approach, I was even happier to be in San Diego. I have always wanted to go to San Diego and am so glad to finally get to check it out!

Crazy Landing in San Diego
Supposedly this isn’t all that unusual for San Diego landings – it freaked me out though!

Local Guide

Austin’s cousin, Amanda, and her family live in San Diego so we not only got to spend time with them, but we had a local show us the ropes. We stayed at Silver Strand State Beach on Coronado and this was a great location for us since Amanda lives on Coronado. The only negative is that the campground has a curfew! Since we were hanging out with people we didn’t make it back by curfew and had to park the Jeep a mile away and walk back most nights!

Silver Strand State Beach
Not a bad place to be for a week

Pacific Beach

One of the first things we did was go to Pacific Beach with Amanda and her oldest daughter to get ice cream at Baked Bear and explore the area. We walked down the pier and Amanda told us all about the area and pointed out the different beaches up and down the coast.

Pacific Beach Pier San Diego
Pacific Beach Pier

Acai Bowls

The next day she introduced us to her favorite acai bowls stop in San Diego and they were incredible. Boy are we spoiled forever on acai bowls! This was our first acai bowl and nothing will ever compare. In fact, we liked it so much that we went back two days later to get another one! After the acai bowls, we went to La Jolla to see the seals. This was a treat too – the whole area is so beautiful!

La Jolla San Diego
La Jolla sea life

Sunset Cliffs

Another evening we all went to Sunset Cliffs to watch the sunset. Sunset Cliffs is also really popular with the surfers. We enjoyed watching them leap off the cliff into water as the sun was setting. It was a beautiful place to watch the sunset. After the amazing sunset, we went to their favorite place for fish tacos in Ocean Beach. We had a lot of fun at dinner and really enjoyed the tacos too!

Sunset Cliffs San Diego Sunset
Awesome place to watch a sunset

Restricted Walk to Hotel del Coronado

The following night Austin and I went for a walk on the beach and we checked out the famous Hotel del Coronado. Amanda’s husband is a Navy SEAL and we later learned that by walking down to Hotel del Coronado from the campground we totally walked through a restricted area. Oops!! We had no idea and we didn’t see ANY signs telling us not to go through. We luckily didn’t get in trouble and enjoyed checking out the famous hotel at sunset.

Fun Friday Night

Friday night we attempted to return the favor and cook dinner for Amanda and her family. Per usual, we fired up the smoker and smoked ribs, sausage and chicken. Amanda and their daughters came over and the adults watched the sunset over drinks and apps while the girls put together a gymnastics performance for us. Amanda’s husband came over after he finished work and we had a great time enjoying the beach at sunset and eating dinner. They had to rush out before dessert so they wouldn’t get locked in the campground once curfew hit!

San Diego’s Seven Bridges Hike

That weekend Amanda and her family were busy so we set out to do a hike through the city to explore – the Seven Bridges Hike. This was a fun day and it took us through lots of different parts of San Diego. We enjoyed getting some exercise and sightseeing at the same time!

Leaving San Diego….or Not!

We are enjoying hanging out with Amanda and her family and San Diego so much that we decide to extend our stay by a week! We move over to Santa Fe RV Park which wasn’t the nicest (train on one side and busy highway on the other and trash everywhere), but with our Passport America rate it made it the most reasonable option in the area.

San Diego
After work walk

The rest of our time in San Diego we continued exploring by going on several walks after work and hanging out and spending time with Amanda and family. It was a great two weeks, but it’s time to move on!

San Diego Dinner out
Dinner with Amanda and family

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