San Antonio

San Antonio River Walk

After a great week in Austin, we made our way to San Antonio. We checked out a couple of cool places in between Austin and San Antonio.

Lockhart, TX

We stopped for lunch in the neat town of Lockhart, the BBQ capital of Texas. There are three main BBQ restaurants in Lockhart. Black’s is one of them, but we ate at Black’s in Austin so we wanted to try a different restaurant. We chose Smitty’s and it was good. However, it wasn’t as good as Terry Black’s in Austin.

Smitty's BBQ in Lockhart TX
Smitty’s Market in Lockhart, TX – the BBQ capital of Texas


We have heard about the infamous Buc-ee’s gas stations from several people and have driven by a few throughout Texas. After Lockhart, we finally stopped at a Buc-ee’s for gas. Stopping at a gas station doesn’t sound all that exciting. However, Buc-ee’s isn’t a normal gas station. There is a wait for a pump even though there are more than 120 pumps at this one station! In addition to all of the pumps, Buc-ee’s has a huge store. In fact, it’s about the size of a grocery store. The store comes complete with meat carvers and bathroom attendants.

Buc-Cee's Gas Station
The picture doesn’t do it justice…this was the largest gas station we have ever seen

Gruene Hall

Originally, we planned on stopping at Gruene Hall for the afternoon and possibly parking nearby overnight. However, we changed our minds after driving through and seeing the crowd. People were everywhere. I don’t think we could have found a place to park the RV if we tried. We pulled over on the side of the road to regroup. We decided to call the park we reserved in San Antonio to see if they had any availability. Fortunately they did, so we kept on driving.

Traveler’s World RV Park – San Antonio, TX

We stayed at Traveler’s World RV Park in San Antonio. This is a nice park with more amenities than most, but the best thing about it is the River Walk Bike Path right next to the park. We tried to see if we could go a whole week without driving the Jeep, and we did! We biked to get groceries, go to restaurants and run errands all week. In fact, we biked to all of the missions straight from the park.

San Antonio Missions National Historic Park

The Alamo is the only mission most people know about. However, it is just one of 5 missions that make up this World Heritage Site. Each mission has something unique and they are all connected by the same bike path that is right by our home for the week. We spent one afternoon exploring them and that was plenty for us. We biked to all of the missions (except The Alamo) as well as the Espada Aqueduct built in 1731.

Downtown San Antonio

We biked to downtown, but we also took an Uber down one night. It was nice to go downtown and not have to worry about where we kept our bikes. Of course, we had to stop by The Alamo. The Alamo is the smallest of the missions we visited. However, so many people told us how unimpressive that it is, that we were pleasantly surprised. After visiting The Alamo, we walked over to The Tower of the Americas for happy hour. The tower, built for the 1968 World’s Fair, has amazing views. It’s also kind of hot for some reason, but we were able to grab a table out of the crowd which helped.

On the way down in the elevator, we ironically met another RV couple, Stefan and Kris. We hung out with them for a drink by the river and had a great time.

dinner with friends at the San Antonio Riverwalk
Enjoying company with our new friends Stefan and Kris

We’re on to Fredericksburg next to experience Texas wine country in the heart of Texas Hill Country…

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