RV Upgrades in College Station

As we talked about in the last post, while we were busy enjoying the amazing beach front boondocking spot we discovered a little bit of water damage.  We left and headed to College Station, TX to stay in an Airbnb while we figured out what was going on.  This marks the entry to our 15th state in the RV!  Texas is so huge – we will be here for a while!

Welcome to Texas

Luckily the water damage wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it could have been.  We identified the leak immediately (it was TINY) and got that fixed.  We might could have salvaged the existing floor, but we decided it wasn’t worth it and wanted to make sure we were completely ok as far as water damage was concerned.  We tore up the entire floor and ran the dehumidifier for much longer than likely necessary.  We bought a moisture meter to ensure that everything was dry (it was) and then treated the subfloor with a mold/mildew preventer and once we were satisfied everything was completely fine we then put down brand new Lifeproof flooring.  We are really pleased with the finished product!

Lifeproof Flooring in the RV
New floors!

While we had all of our tools out we decided to knock out a few other to do items.  We built a shelf, finished the entry stairwell and raised my desk a little to make it more comfortable.  It was nice to get so much done off our to do list even though we didn’t necessarily plan on any of it.

It was fun being in College Station and checking out the campus.  This was the only SEC campus that I hadn’t been to so I am excited to say I have seen them all.  I hate to say it, but this campus wasn’t super impressive to me.  It might have been because it was Spring Break or it might have just not been my thing.  Either way – we still had a ton of fun.

We keep meeting people that tell us how great all of the Presidential Libraries are, so we decided to check out the George Bush Library while in College Station. We really enjoyed it and learned so much about his life that I really didn’t know.  Reading letters he sent his parents from war and learning how he and Barbara met among many other things made it cool.  I look forward to visiting any other Presidential Library that we can.

George Bush Presidential Library

We didn’t really do much more in the area as we were enjoying being in a house so much!  We cooked dinner almost every night in the amazing kitchen (with a dishwasher!) and enjoyed having all of the amenities of a house. However, we did go out for Mexican one night – turns out, it is completely normal to have a restaurant attached to a gas station!!

College Station was fun, but we mainly used it as a chance to regroup, deep clean and finish some projects on the RV.  We absolutely couldn’t have asked for a better host and location.  If you are ever in the area and this Airbnb is available  book immediately!  You won’t be disappointed.

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