RV Camping in Biloxi, MS

After Mobile, we drove to the Biloxi area and spent one night at Shepard State Park right across the border. The park was kind of run down, but it was in one of the better locations we have visited for road riding. I did a 47 mile ride towards Ocean Springs that ended up being pretty nice.

Welcome to Mississippi

The most interesting section of my ride was down Belle Fontaine Dr. This road is right on the coast with beautiful views, but you could tell something crazy had happened. I saw dock pilings but very few actual docks. Several lots looked like they had houses at one time but nothing now. I saw a lady walking down the road and stopped to talk to her. She told me the entire street had been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. This totally blew my mind. I knew Katrina was bad, but it was almost 14 years ago.

Belle Fontaine Drive is a gorgeous road right on the water still trying to recover from Hurricane Katrina

We left Shepard State park and drove to downtown Biloxi for our second night in the area. There is a parking lot downtown by Point Cadet Marina and the Golden Nugget Casino that allows RV’s to park for free. It’s a great location, and we were able to walk to several casinos from there. Leigh found a game she liked and won $50 at the Hard Rock Casino. We ended up spending it at Beau Rivage Casino for the all-you-can-eat seafood dinner. It was amazing.

We enjoyed our night in the casino parking lot!

The next morning I ran the bridge from Biloxi to Ocean Springs. After my run, we headed back to Ocean Springs to our next campground, Davis Bayou. We checked out Ocean Springs a little more while we were here and really liked it.

This alligator was out sunning every afternoon

There were great trails in the park that we both took advantage of. So did the alligators! We also read about a BBQ place that we tried – The Shed. It was delicious.

Delicious meal at The Shed

I biked back into Biloxi one day to try to see more of the downtown, but there wasn’t much to see. There was so much road construction it was hard to really even get around. I thought for sure there would be more to see than just casinos, but I couldn’t find it.

After our short weekend in Mississippi we are headed to Louisiana!

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