Red Rocks and Salida Round 1

After we left Great Sand Dunes, we started making our way toward Denver for a concert at Red Rocks! We have tickets to a show at Red Rocks at the end of the month and are checking in to a campground near there on May 29th. That gives us three days to figure out where to go.

Salida BLM

We ended up deciding on some BLM land outside of Salida. It was a perfect location for a few days. We had great cell service and weren’t too far off the main road so it was easy to get to town. In fact, we liked it so much we cancelled the first night of our stay in Denver and stayed an extra night!

Austin spent a few summers in Colorado several years ago and he lived in Buena Vista which is right by Salida. It was fun to see his old stomping ground and explore the cute town of Salida. There are a couple of great breweries in town that we visited and checked out the downtown area. We will be back in this area in a month or so and plan on exploring even more then!

It’s the day before our show at Red Rocks so we decided to leave Salida and make the drive to Bear Creek Lake Park in Denver. We picked this park to be close to Red Rocks for our show. The campground was really nice and there were lakes and trails all through it. People were out enjoying the park the whole time we were there. It was also in a great location so we were able to easily run a bunch of errands.

Bear Creek Lake Campground near Red Rocks
Bear Creek Lake Campground – really popular campground in Denver

Red Rocks Amphitheater

Friday finally came and it was time to go to Red Rocks! Neither one of us had ever been so we were really looking forward to it. We decided to bike to the concert so we wouldn’t have to worry about transportation. We stopped off in Morrison for a beer before heading on to the venue. Little did I know it was uphill the whole way!! It was steep too!!! I was not prepared for that, but we made it anyway. We got settled in our seats with some $12 beers (so expensive!!) just before the sunset. We had a great time and absolutely see why Red Rocks gets all of the hype it does. It was hands down the best venue I have ever visited!!

After the show we biked back down the mountain to the campground. This was an easier ride since it was downhill, but it was still tough since it was late and dark. We eventually made it home though! The next day we ran a bunch of errands and did laundry and got caught up on a few things around the RV. We also needed to figure out where we are going to go next! We are getting a lot more relaxed with our planning out west since there are so many BLM options. The possibilities are endless! We have it narrowed down to three general areas. We will figure out which one when we leave tomorrow!

Leaving Red Rocks

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