Raven’s Glenn Winery and Restaurant

After the Wooly Pig, we had a quick two mile drive down to our next stop, Raven’s Glenn Winery and Restaurant, but before we drove over to Raven’s Glenn, we took the Jeep over to Roscoe Village, a historic village in Coshocton, Ohio, for lunch. Lunch was great and the fall foliage was in full effect.

Downtown Roscoe Village
Cute Roscoe Village

Leigh and I spent February in South Africa, and one of our favorite parts of the trip was visiting wine country in Franschhoek, so we were both interested in trying out some wineries in the states. Interestingly enough, Ohio has 268 wineries! I never would have guessed that.

Given the rainy day, we had the place to ourselves

There are several wineries in the area, but we picked Raven’s Glenn because we found them on Harvest Hosts and could park there over night. We drove over from Wooly Pig at around 3, checked in, and did a couple of tastings. In addition to the winery, they also have an Italian restaurant. We got a local cheese tray with our wine tastings, and ended up not being all that hungry later, so we just split an eggplant parmesan. It’s been really rainy lately, and we practically had the restaurant to ourselves.

We had a lovely view of the vineyard from our parking spot

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