Ramona, CA

Potato Chip Rock Hike

Ramona is a random place to make the travel itinerary, but they have several wineries that are Harvest Host members so we headed there from San Diego. Ironically, we didn’t even stay at a Harvest Host while we were there! Instead, we stayed at Dos Picos County Park. The sites are hit or miss, but we lucked out with a great one in Site 54.

Potato Chip Rock Hike

On Saturday we hiked Potato Chip Rock. This is a popular hike in the area and it was a lot of fun! We have heard that the line to get your picture on the rock that resembles a potato chip is usually super long. We got really lucky because the line wasn’t long at all – only a few people. Even better, while we were standing in line to take our picture on the rock a guy proposed to his girlfriend! So much fun to watch that and celebrate with them!

Bike Ride, Chores and Wine

The next day Austin went on a long bike ride through the area and I did some much needed house cleaning. We have been so busy since getting back to the RV that our chores were a little neglected! Austin got back from his ride and said it was beautiful so we set off in the Jeep to explore. It was, in fact, a super beautiful drive and we stopped at a winery that we really enjoyed! We spent the evening drinking wine, talking with the owners and touring the new building they are building. If you are ever in Ramona, we highly recommend Domaine Artifact!

After an awesome weekend that was both relaxing and active it was time to hit the road. Off to Temecula for a week!

Ramona Sunset Selfie
Ramona Roadside Sunset Selfie

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