Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Taliesin West

It’s surprisingly difficult to find a place to stay in Phoenix. There are some great looking city parks, but they are pretty far out of town. Most of the RV parks in town weren’t options for us because you have to be at least 55 years old to stay there. We finally found a place by asking some of our friends who spend their winters in Phoenix in their RV. We stayed at Desert’s Edge RV Park and were their neighbors for a week! It was really fun being able to hang out with them so much! We had dinner together several nights and went hiking with them and more. Having friends as campground neighbors is really nice!

FLW in Phoenix

One of the highlights of our first year on the road was touring Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. So, we were really excited to check out Taliesin West in Scottsdale. Luckily, it totally lived up to our expectations. Our tour guide did a great job and we really enjoyed our visit. FLW’s style is so unique and we both like it so much. We can’t wait to check out more of his properties in our travels!

Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin West Phoenix
Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin West Phoenix
FLW’s man cave from the 30’s – proof this man was way ahead of his time

Date Night

The next morning we went on a hike and to brunch with our friends before heading back to the RV to rest up. We have a big night planned – a Black Keys Concert. They are one of our favorite bands and we are really excited to see them in concert! We went to dinner before heading over to the venue. Our seats were great and so was the concert. The only problem is we are getting old!! The lights seemed really bright and it was soooo late. We really did have a good time, but we are afraid we are sadly getting too old for many more concerts!

More Phoenix Architecture

We also checked out the Arizona Biltmore with our friends Jeff and Julie. This wasn’t designed by Wright himself, but by someone who studied under him so it definitely has that style that we like so much. We enjoyed walking around and we had a drink at the bar before heading to dinner. It was a super fun evening!

Arizona Biltmore Phoenix

We really enjoyed Phoenix. It’s obviously a big city, but it doesn’t really feel like it, which is nice. Phoenix has a lot of ways to get outside and be active – we obviously enjoy that! We feel like we did a lot while we were here, but there are a lot of things we didn’t get to do on this trip. Like hiking Camelback Mountain, for instance. We will have to come back for that! Now, it’s off to Tucson for an Arizona football game!

Phoenix hiking
Hiking with friends

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