Petrified Forest NP and Winslow, AZ

After our amazing sunset flight and Fiesta, we hit the road for Winslow, AZ.  We were driving right by Petrified Forest National Park so we stopped there and spent most of the day exploring. 

Petrified Forest NP

The park is basically a road from one end to the other with pullouts along the way.  Most of the pullouts were large enough for the RV so that worked out well.  After stopping by the Painted Desert Visitor Center, we started our drive through the park.  The Painted Desert has some dramatic scenery and we really enjoyed the views.  The Painted Desert Inn was interesting to see as well.

Blue Mesa

We stopped at a few more overlooks where we saw petroglyphs and more beautiful views before getting to Blue Mesa. This is a mile long trail through colorful rocks. It was neat to see how different it is from the painted desert. Such an interesting area! We also started seeing some petrified wood on the trail too.

Petrified Forest Blue Mesa

Crystal Forest

Next, we continued along to the Crystal Forest stop where there is a larger concentration of petrified wood. There is a 3/4 mile trail that loops you through it all. It was so neat to see! It’s crazy how much all of the logs look like wood, but they are completely rock. Yes, I totally touched one to see! I couldn’t resist and it blew my mind!

Homolovi State Park

After a full day in the park, we continued on to Homolovi State Park in Winslow.  We got in right after sunset and found our spot.  We were all pretty exhausted from a long day of driving and exploring so we settled in and called it an early night. I was especially tired – I drove all day! That’s the most driving I have done yet. Hopefully Austin’s back improves soon so I can pass the keys back to him!

Our first night in Arizona! You can see I took the picture from the driver side this time!

Winslow, AZ

The next day after work we headed to town to take our obligatory picture standing on a corner in Winslow, AZ 🎶.  There really wasn’t much to the town but it does make me wish I could have seen Route 66 in its prime! 

Standin on the Corner in Winslow Arizona

Las Posada is a famous hotel on Route 66 and we walked down to check that out too.  It was super neat to see but nothing mind blowing.  In fact, we were going to have a drink at the hotel but we ultimately decided we would rather go back to the RV for a drink and watch the sunset instead!  We are glad to have seen the hotel but we enjoyed the sunset a bit more.

There were some underwhelming ruins in the state park.  Colleen and I checked those out but they were really nothing to write home about.  At this point we felt like we had seen and done everything Winslow/Homolovi had to offer.  Time to move on!

Homolovi State Park Ruins

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