Ovarian Torsion Emergency Surgery

Ovarian Torsion Hospital Stay

This is a different kind of blog post. Instead of a travel story, it’s a surgery story. I knew nothing about an Ovarian Torsion and had a hard time finding information online, so I am writing this to hopefully help someone else out in the future! Although, I hope no one ever has to deal with this kind of pain. Here’s the story…

We had an awesome weekend full of hiking and adventures. On Monday I woke up and felt totally fine and worked until lunch. We made lunch together, ate and were about to get back to work when my stomach started hurting really, really badly.

Ovarian Torsion Pain

The pain was on my left side and Dr. Google told me my appendix is on the right side so I didn’t think that was the problem. However, it was the worst pain I’ve ever had so after about 20 minutes Austin drove me to the ER. They took me back immediately and ordered a CT scan for suspected kidney stones.


After the CT scan, they let Austin come back to be with me. It wasn’t a kidney stone, instead I had an ovarian torsion (where your ovary twists on itself) caused by a dermoid cyst in my left ovary. I had several cysts in my right ovary as well. They would have to operate ASAP. I had an ultrasound first and then they began prepping me for the emergency surgery. I went into surgery about 6pm Monday evening.

Ovarian Torsion Surgery

Going into surgery they weren’t sure exactly what they would find. From what I understand, the torsion had cut off the blood supply to my left ovary so it had to be removed along with my fallopian tube on that side. The dermoid cyst was supposedly larger than a baseball – crazy. Even crazier, I had a dermoid cyst even larger than a baseball on the right ovary too. They didn’t remove my right ovary, but they did remove all of the cysts in it so they won’t cause the same problem on the right side in the future.

Hospital Stay

I ended up staying in the hospital two nights and due to COVID-19, Austin wasn’t allowed to be with me. Luckily the nursing staff was nice and took great care of me. They even wheeled me outside on the second day and let me see Austin for a little bit. That was really great since I hadn’t seen him since before my surgery. I will add here that it really stinks to be alone in the hospital.

Flowers delivered to hospital
Austin’s parents sent flowers to the hospital – so pretty and so thougthful!

Ovarian Torsion Recovery

The pain before surgery was the most intense shooting pain I have ever had in my life. It was horrible. As I write this I am two weeks out of surgery and I am feeling better. The 13 staples were removed 4 days after surgery and it was more comfortable after getting those out. I was able to walk 1 mile 13 days out of surgery and 2 miles 14 days out. It was slow going and I was a little sore, but I could do it!

Surgery recovery with a mountain view
At least I have a great view during recovery

The Positives

  • We are really fortunate that we are camping so close to a hospital. It was only a 15 minute drive to get to Mammoth Hospital.
  • We have health insurance that covers us nationwide. If you ever plan to travel full time, I definitely recommend looking into your health insurance options before choosing your residence. We are Florida residents. (We also put our insurance to use when Austin herniated a disc last year)
  • The recovery time really isn’t too terrible. From what I understand, I should expect six weeks for full recovery. The fact that I am already able to get around and walk is a great sign to me.
  • It’s not cancer! Pathology confirmed that the cysts were benign dermoid cysts so luckily cancer is not a concern.

It is still surreal to have been through this. I had no idea this condition existed or that I had cysts on my ovaries. I’m just glad that we were able to get care and am extremely thankful for modern medicine. I hope that no one reading this ever has to experience this kind of pain, but if you do hopefully this will help a little to hear about someone else’s experience.

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  1. Hi, wow what a story! I’m glad that you are doing well and recovering nicely! Steve and I think of you two often. Take care and heal fast. Pam

    1. Thank you so much!! I hope you are doing well!! We still talk about how fun it was meeting you and then getting to see you again!

  2. So glad you are recovering and doing well! How scary! If you guys need anything while in CA, just let us know! Mammoth is one of our favorite places – at least you are surrounded by nature’s amazing beauty while you recover!

    1. Thank you so much!! Yes, it was definitely scary! You’re so right Mammoth was beautiful! I hope y’all are doing well!

  3. I am experiencing the same thing right now! Though, luckily, I don’t have a second dermoid on my right ovary. This post makes me feel great about what my recovery will be like. My family lives about 2 hours away and my mother was able to come take care of me! And I am very thankful to be living near my boyfriend’s family and they have been great to the two of us and our little dog as well.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear you had to go through this too! You are lucky that you only had one dermoid to deal with. I hope your recovery is going well! That’s awesome you had your parents close by to help out. My husband did a great job, but I’m sure he would have loved some additional help!! I hope you are still doing great! Any questions – feel free to ask! On here or Insta!

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