Our First Campground – James Island County Park

Air Conditioner Troubleshooting
Austin troubleshooting the AC

We closed on our house in early July and had to be out on July 17th.  We had a slight mishap that delayed us a day, but we finally made it to the campground on the 18th!  Our first destination was James Island County Park which is the closest campground to our former home.  It was super convenient for us to be in the Charleston area as we tied up the seemingly never-ending list of loose ends and to-do items.

James Island County Park is in a great location for both visiting Folly Beach and exploring downtown Charleston, SC.  There is also a lot to do without ever leaving the park – a water park, a fishing pier, lots of trails for walking/biking and a pond to explore.  It rained a ton the week we were there, but we didn’t mind as we had a lot of sleep to get caught up on.  Mission accomplished! It was super exhausting renovating our RV and downsizing and getting everything done to prepare for full time RV living in the short time frame we had.  We were also able to organize all of our stuff that was just shoved into the RV in the rush of getting out of the house.

We clearly needed to organize quite a bit!

We had several friends come visit us during our stay at the campground.  We also had a date night at a local restaurant, went to a Riverdogs Game and were invited on a sunset cruise with some friends!  All of this was scattered between multiple visits to the storage unit and Dr. appointments and running a million errands.

Sunset cruise

We were also able to tackle some RV projects.  We sanitized our water tank, changed out some of the lights to LED lights, troubleshot the main air conditioner and filled our propane for the first time.  It was all around a very productive week!

Austin troubleshooting the AC
Upgrading our lights to LED lights – see how gross the old ones were?

Campground Review:

  • Great facilities and staff
  • Great location
  • Lots to do both in the area and in the park
  • Full hookups
  • Spotty Internet – we had a lot of trouble getting service most of the time

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