On the Move through Oregon

Montavon Berry Farm

After our long stay at Trillium Lake, we put our Harvest Host membership to use. We were on the move for the next week!

On our way to our first destination, we stopped by the super cute town of Parkdale. We had a decent BBQ meal and enjoyed a beer in town at a brewery with an amazing view. Then it was on to our destination – Montavon’s Berry Farm, a Harvest Host site.

Montavon’s Berry Farm Harvest Host

Montavon’s was our first farm Harvest Host – we usually stay at wineries or breweries – and it very easily might be our favorite stay yet! The owners were so incredibly welcoming, the berries were delicious and the views were splendid. We had an awesome afternoon picking blueberries and enjoying the views. We left with way more blueberries than we could eat in a week. On top of that, the farm didn’t charge Harvest Host members for their berries – SO generous!! We enjoyed fresh blueberries all week and we froze several bags too!

Hood River

After we left the berry farm, we had another first – a Harvest Host golf course! This was also a pleasant surprise! Neither one of us really golf, but we made sure to spend our money at the restaurant/bar. We had a really good time sitting outside at the end of the work day and watching the golfers.

Hood River was an excellent stop for us. The river was full of people doing all kinds of water sports. In fact, we tried to rent a catamaran to go out for the afternoon, but the weather didn’t cooperate with our schedule. Instead, we were able to get a fun walk in on the Moiser Twin Tunnels trail that followed the Columbia River – we enjoyed that!

White Salmon, WA

After our stay at the golf course, we headed across the river to White Salmon, WA and stayed at the Elks Lodge there. This was also a super cute town, but it was a lot quieter than Hood River. We didn’t do too much in town, but we did go for a walk after work and stopped by a brewery as a reward to ourselves.

Welcome to Washington
A new state!

Rest Area Camping

The next day, we moved down the road to the Stanfield Rest Area. The rest area was perfectly fine, but we definitely learned our lesson on sleeping in rest areas right off the interstate. It was so loud ALL night long. But, the price was right and it was convenient to knock out the work day and get right back on the road. We had a few more hours to go to get to our weekend destination – Joseph, OR.

One last pic of the amazing view at Montavon’s Berry Farm

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