Omaha – Walnut Creek Recreation Area

After our stop at Wilde Prairie Winery, we continued south through two new states for me, Iowa and Nebraska.

Lunch in Sioux City, Iowa

We made our first stop in Sioux City, Iowa to check the coolant and grab some lunch. Leigh and I found a really nice Greek restaurant right next to an auto parts store, so it worked out perfectly. We added a little coolant, but overall the Bounder did great on the drive. 

Camping at Walnut Creek Recreation Area

We continued on after lunch and made it to Walnut Creek Recreation Area in Omaha with no issue. Walnut Creek doesn’t take reservations so we are glad we were able to find a spot. We really enjoyed our stay at the park, but unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much of Omaha. Part of the reason for not doing much is that we were busy with work and getting the Bounder to a mechanic, but we also met some new friends at the park. We did enjoy several walks on the great nearby trail around the lake after work.

Our site at Walnut Creek

New Friends at Walnut Creek

The first night we discovered our neighbors at the park have a successful RV Youtube channel, Bri and TJ from Embracing Detours. We had actually watched one of their videos when we were just starting out a couple of years ago. We spent the evening hanging out at the campsite and somehow even discovered that Bri’s brother went to junior prom with my sister-in-law. The name game doesn’t usually lead to that close of a connection!

The second night, we met another couple, Derek and Haley, that we actually already follow on Instagram. The six of us hung out and had a great time.

Replacing the Water Pump on the RV

During the day, we knocked out some work and had some real issues finding a mechanic for the RV. I considered trying to just replace the water pump myself, but thought that it might be too messy of a job for the campground. The first mechanic we found seemed to be a perfect fit. They could fit us in the next morning. We drove to the shop the next morning and proceeded to wait for over two hours. They finally told us they didn’t have time for us anyway, so we drove back to the campground. We ended up finding another mechanic that worked out great, so it wasn’t a huge deal, but it did kind of waste a whole morning for us. At least Leigh found a nice laundromat in the meantime – Laundry World! We do have a way to wash clothes on the RV, but once the initial appeal wore off we stopped using it. Mostly because you have to pretty much have full hookups to be able to use it and that’s not how we like to camp.

The laundromat was so nice!

Downtown Omaha

We thought we couldn’t go to Omaha without actually doing anything in the city, so we met up with Derek and Haley for drinks at Upstream Brewing Company. Downtown Omaha seems really cool, and I wish we had more time to actually check it out. Maybe next time. Our next stop is Kansas City.

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