Oceano and Morro Bay

Morro Bay Montana de Oro Hike

The Santa Barbara Elks Lodge has a limit on how many nights you can stay. Therefore, we headed up the coast to the Oceano Elks Lodge for a while.

Oceano Dunes OHV
The lodge was so close to the beach!
Oceano Sunset
We had some unreal sunsets here. There is no filter on this photo!

This lodge is in a great location – walking distance to the beach! We took advantage of this and went on several beach walks after work. When things aren’t shut down for a pandemic, you are allowed to drive your vehicles onto the beach here. It seems like that would really change the vibe! It would be interesting to see what the beach is like with vehicles.

Grocery Run

As I mentioned in the last post, we only leave the RV to exercise and get groceries. We had run out of groceries so we ventured to Trader Joe’s to restock. It was raining so we thought the crowds might be smaller since no one wants to stand in the rain to wait to get in the store. We aren’t the only ones that thought that though! The line was really long, but they had a guy playing the guitar to entertain us all while we waited!

Stranger Danger

After the grocery store adventure, we got back to the RV to find another Jeep pulled up right behind ours. The driver was out messing with our tow bar. It seemed as though he was trying to hook HIS Jeep up to OUR RV! Austin got out and asked him what he was doing and told him that this was our RV and the guy apologized and moved along. However, we still can’t figure out what in the world was going on!

Oceano Random Jeep behind our RV
Forgive the terrible picture – I was trying to be sneaky! What you don’t see is that the space behind the RV is basically the same as the Jeep. We don’t know how he even got in there!

Johnson Ranch Hike

When the weekend rolled around, we wanted to go on a longer hike. The first few trails we tried were closed, but then we did find one that was open. Even better, they had a ranger at the trailhead directing traffic – the trail was now a one way trail. This is the first time we have seen that and think it’s a great idea!

Johnson Ranch Hike near Oceano

Morro Bay

After a great stay at the Oceano Elks Lodge, we headed up the road to Morro Bay where we planned to do a day hike before heading on to Big Sur. We parked the RV in an empty parking lot and took the Jeep into Montana de Oro State Park where we hiked. It was absolutely beautiful!! We had a great hike with perfect weather.

Morro Bay Montana de Oro State Park
Absolutely breathtaking

Morro Bay Waterfront

After the hike, we went down to the waterfront and walked around a bit looking at the boats. There are so many beautiful places on the California Coast and this is one of them! Morro Bay is yet another place I hope to come back to visit when things are open. We did find a seafood place open so we ordered a snack and some crabs to go and sat on the deck to enjoy our snack. Morro Bay, we will be back!

Morro Bay Waterfront
Morro Bay Waterfront

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