Mount Shasta Boondocking

Everitt Highway Notch

From Lassen National Park, we planned to head north and camp at Fowler’s Campground near McCloud, CA. We also planned to stop at Burney Falls on the way. Unfortunately, neither of these plans worked out.

Burney Falls

According to President Theodore Roosevelt, Burney Falls should be considered “the 8th wonder of the world”. This may be one of the reasons it is very popular. We made it to Burney Falls State Park and through the gate, but park rangers turned us around inside because of a full parking lot. We had a bit of an ordeal getting re-routed through the park. Leigh even had to run down the road about 200 yards after moving some barriers. We got back on the road and continued toward Fowler’s.

Fowler’s Campground

Fowler’s Campground also contains a series of waterfalls. We felt fortunate to get a reservation here because it is very popular also. However, although we had cell signal, we could not get the internet to work at all – even with our booster. We tried for about 20 minutes or so and finally gave up and let the camp host know. The camp host said that he has never had a problem with connectivity until this year so we kept moving.

Nice mountain view for the whole drive

Lunch in Mount Shasta

Throughout this whole drive, we saw Mount Shasta’s snowy peak (14,179 feet) on the horizon. After striking out twice so far, we decided to stop in the town of Mount Shasta for lunch. We actually haven’t eaten at a restaurant in months now because of COVID-19, so we considered this a treat. We landed at Bistro 107 to eat and try to figure out where to stay for the night. The food was good, but the service was painfully slow (the day’s third strike), especially in the 90 degree heat. The wait gave us time to make a plan though, and the heat convinced us to move to higher elevation.

Sunset from our site – the view really reminded me of the Blue Ridge Mountain sunset view!

Everitt Highway Notch

We decided to head up Mount Shasta to Everitt Highway Notch. The Notch is at 6,600 feet, so we figured we would find cooler temperatures. However, we didn’t have high expectations because the spot is right off the road. When we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised. Incredible views and cool temperatures made up for a small amount of road noise. The only problem was that we only brought 1/4 tank of water (25 gallons). Somehow, actually by barely showering, we made it to Thursday.

Nice view from our site

While at the Notch, we enjoyed productive work days and amazing happy hour views. Our first afternoon there, we wondered what the name of the snowy peak in the distance only to find it was Lassen Peak, the one we hiked the day before. We drove to the end of Everitt Memorial Highway one evening to take in the views from the top. Another night, we hiked part of the Bunny Flat trailhead. If we had more water, we probably would have stayed several more days.

This was our last stop in California, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

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