Mount Hood

After a great stop in Bend, we continued north toward Mount Hood. Mount Hood is 11,250 feet in elevation, and its snow capped peak can be seen for most of the drive from Bend. After the high temperatures in Bend, we are hoping for cooler weather as we get closer to the mountains.

Trillium Lake Airstrip Camping

We considered several snow parks in the area for camping, but we eventually settled on Trillium Lake Airstrip. The airstrip is on National Forest land, has great cell signal, and is free. Therefore, it is also very popular. The only thing we didn’t like about it is the dust.

Ramona Falls Loop Hike

After arriving at Trillium Lake on Friday, we planned to have a big outdoor weekend. On Saturday, we made burritos and drove about 30 minutes toward Portland to hike the Ramona Falls Loop. This hike is pretty popular. In fact, it’s one of the busiest trails we have seen in a while. The views are worth it though and we had a great hike.

Ramona Falls

The Town of Government Camp

After our hike, we drove through the little ski town of Government Camp near Trillium Lake. We planned to stop for a beer at Mount Hood Brewery. However, the outdoor seating was all taken. We settled for a six pack at the General Store. On the way back to camp, we stopped by a roadside cherry stand and picked up some of the best cherries we’ve ever had.

Trillium Lake Hike

On Sunday, we hiked around Trillium Lake. Yet again, we found the area to be completely packed. Surprisingly, things almost felt back to normal in this area. Despite the crowds, we still enjoyed walking around the lake and the scenery. We drove back to town after our hike and this time we were able to find outdoor seating at Mount Hood Brewery so we enjoyed a beer before heading back to the RV.

Productive Work Week

After a fun weekend exploring the area, we buckled down and had a super productive work week. We had plenty of solar so it was the perfect spot to be really productive. We set up our new outdoor office (as a result of our shopping spree in Bend) and worked outside some days. It was really nice! We did venture out for one more hike – Mirror Lake. This was the perfect after work hike and the lake was really pretty.

The outdoor office is awesome

We enjoyed our stay here (despite the dust) and we enjoyed hanging out with our neighbors who were around our age and recently went full time in their RV. If we ever return to the area, we would absolutely stay here again.

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