Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah

After a quick but super fun two night stay at Black Canyon NP, we packed up to head to Moab. Utah is a new state for the RV and we are going to be spending a lot of time there! We are staying in the same park for a whole month! This will be our longest stay yet. We will let you know what we think of staying put for a month.

Getting to Moab

There are two ways into Moab coming from Colorado. You can stay on the interstate for most of the way or you can turn off on Highway 128 and take this road (also known as River Road) all of the way into Moab. We chose the latter and are so glad we did! The road follows the Colorado River all of the way to town and the views are stunning. We pulled over on the side of the road a few times to admire the views.

Moab Heat

We are pretty much spending the month of July in Moab and it is HOT! Luckily, the humidity is not as bad as it is in the South, but 107 is hot no matter what. In fact, we packed a picnic to take to Arches National Park one evening, but we ended up driving back home to eat because of the heat! We try to do any activities either first thing in the morning or late in the evening when it is cooler so we have had some super productive work days.

Ken's Lake Sunset in Moab
Sunset at Ken’s Lake

Mill Creek Falls

In addition to not getting out in the heat of the day, we have also discovered some water holes around Moab that are great for beating the heat. Our first waterfall hike was to Mill Creek Falls. This was awesome, but we went on a Sunday afternoon and it was a bit chaotic for us. We hiked in with our beach chairs and magazines with plans to relax all afternoon. We admired the water fall for a bit before deciding to walk downstream to find our own private spot to chill out. This was a great idea – we had a wonderful peaceful afternoon!

Mill Creek Falls hike in Moab

Friends in Town

When we attended the Xscapers Convergence in Salida, we met a couple that lives in Moab. We had fun hanging out with them in Salida and it has been awesome hanging out with them in Moab! They showed us a super awesome water hole that isn’t known about by all of the tourists. We went with them to this spot two different times! There are even petroglyphs on the side of the trail. We had a ton of fun with Carrie and Ryan – they even had us over for dinner one evening!

An added and unplanned bonus is that not one, but TWO of my former coworkers/friends are going to be in Moab while we are here! I posted to Instagram that we are here and one friend and I ended up texting about it since she and her family will be here. She let me know about our other friend that is planning to come too. We had dinner with both Nancy and Drew (not Nancy Drew 😂). This was such a surprise and we absolutely loved seeing them both!

Moab Mountain Biking

Moab is known for its awesome mountain biking scene. The trails are too challenging for me, but Austin has been riding a lot. First, he rode Slick Rock. This is a giant rock face with spray painted white lines on it marking the trail. The next ride was Bar-M Loops. Then he did Pipe Dream before heading out to Klondike Bluff to ride. Unfortunately, while he was doing this trail he flipped over the handlebars and off a rocky ledge and got a little banged up. As he says – at least he can still take a fall! As a result of the spill, he won’t be doing the Whole Enchilada trail on this trip which is a bummer because he was looking forward to it. I guess it means we need to come back!

Moab Mountain biking

Of course, Austin did still find a way to get a big ride in! His shoulder is the main thing hurting so mountain biking is a little harder on it. Instead of mountain biking the Whole Enchilada, he decided to road ride the La Sal Mountain Loop. This is a 63 mile ride with a ton of climbing (5,220 feet of climbing to be exact). He enjoyed the ride and I was glad he was able to still get an epic ride in despite his tumble!

La Sal Loop Road Ride outside Moab

Moab Hiking

While I didn’t participate in the mountain biking, we have been able to get in a couple of hikes! In addition to hiking to the water holes, we also hiked Hidden Valley to Moab Rim. Austin dropped off the Jeep and biked to the gas station where I met him and we biked over to the trailhead. This was a lot more fun because instead of going out and back we could go from one point to another. The hike was awesome and we luckily had a lot of cloud cover to keep us cool.

We also drove up to the La Sal Mountains and hiked to Clark Lake. We parked at Ooowah Lake and trail looped us from the parking lot to Clark Lake, back around to Ooowah. This was also an awesome hike and the cooler weather and change of scenery was super nice!

One Year RV Anniversary

It’s crazy to think about, but we are celebrating one year anniversary of full time RV living during our stay in Moab. We are loving this lifestyle even more than we thought we would! We still have repairs and things to do around the house, but that is going to be the case no matter where you live. In fact, our closet rod broke on the way here. All of the repairs and logistical challenges are totally worth it to be able to work and travel the country. We love it!

Broken RV closet rod
We have way too many clothes on board. Look at Austin’s collared shirts – I think he has worn one once!

Southern Utah has FIVE national parks. Our plan is to slowly make our way to Zion visiting them all on the way! While we are in Moab we will visit Arches NP and the Needles District of Canyonlands NP. We will be visiting another district of Canyonlands as well as Capitol Reef, Bryce and Zion in the coming weeks!

Rainbow in Moab

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