M&M Equestrian Center – Lafayette, Co

After leaving Fort Collins, we had a couple of days to fill in before our next reservation in Golden. We ended up finding a spot on Hipcamp in Lafayette, CO at a horse farm – M&M Equestrian Center. Lafayette is right outside of Boulder, and the area is absolutely beautiful.

Summer Camp at M&M Equestrian

The Equestrian Center has a pretty nice setup with 30 amp hookups. However, the parking is pretty far away from the plugin, and our cord wouldn’t reach. It wasn’t a big deal because we could still run a standard extension cord and use the 20 amp.

M&M Equestrian Center Hipcamp Site
You can see the yellow extension cord stretched out across the road

The farm was buzzing every day with children’s summer horse camps and animals everywhere. We had to work, so we were in the RV most of the time. It looked like a lot of fun though!

M&M Equestrian Center

Bike to Avery Brewery

After work on Friday, we decided to bike to Avery Brewery in Boulder. The ride was only about 8 miles each way, but the way there was tough. We rode into a headwind uphill most of the way. We had a good time once we got there though. The ride over paid off on the ride back. We averaged close to 30mph the whole way home!

Avery Brewery

As I mentioned before, the area is beautiful. On the way back, we noticed a nice ranch house that looked affordable. We always check Zillow wherever we go, so we made a mental note to check the price when we got home. This house was fine, but nothing special – we’re thinking maybe around $300,000. Colorado is expensive, but we were shocked to see it listed at $925,000!

M&M Equestrian Center
Gorgeous views

Hurricane Survivors

Before our drive to Golden the next day, I ran around some of the farmland. While I ran, Leigh naturally made friends with the owners. It turns out they lived in Miami during Hurricane Andrew. Damage to their house prompted their move to Colorado. We can relate to that as Hurricanes Matthew and Irma convinced us to sell our house in Charleston, SC.

We had a great couple of days in Lafayette and are looking forward to Golden!

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