Mexico: Boquillas del Carmen

Mexico USA border Rio Grande

When we first started talking about heading into Mexico, I wasn’t so sure. We have heard mixed reviews on how safe it is to go into Mexico right now. I was pretty hesitant (Austin was convinced it would be fine the whole time) until we got into the park and realized how safe it is. Boquillas del Carmen is a very unique border town and it couldn’t have been more safe!

Bouquillas Crossing

US Border Station

After getting cash (get small bills, the operators “don’t” have change) in Rio Grande Village, we made our way to the border station. This has to be the most relaxed border crossing in the country. We chatted with the agent a bit and he checked our passports to make sure they weren’t expired. Then, we walked the mile or so down to the Rio Grande River.

Rio Grande Crossing to Mexico

You can either wade across the river or take a rowboat for $5 a person. We totally could have waded across, but we decided on the rowboat as it was part of the experience. We made it to Mexico without incident. Once you get to Mexico, they try to get you to either take a donkey, a truck or pay a guide to escort you to town. We politely declined and walked to town ourselves.

Rowing across the river to Mexico

The walk to town is about a half a mile and it is really easy to find your way. There are signs, but if nothing else – follow all of the trucks and burros making their way to town! We felt safe this entire time too. The only thing that was scary was the fresh snake track we passed in the sand!

Mexico snake tracks
We must have just missed this snake – yikes!

Boquillas del Carmen Restaurants

There are two restaurants in town – one on the town side and one on the river side (they are right across the street from each other). We ate lunch at the one on the town side. It was good, but you only had a choice of two dishes that day. We ordered one of each and both were just ok. However, we went to the riverside restaurant for a margarita and chips and guacamole after lunch and I think if we were ever in Boquillas del Carmen again we would choose this restaurant instead! We chatted with a few other Americans that were also there for a while before making our way back to the United States.

Trinkets for sale all over town

Back in the USA

At the border patrol you simply scan your passport then pick up a phone and that is how you are checked back in. So crazy! After a super full and fun weekend in Big Bend NP, we made the long drive back to the RV in Terlingua. Again, it’s hard to see everything in the park, but we did our best! Big Bend is an amazing park off the beaten path with something for everyone (our kayaking trip was also a highlight). We both really enjoyed our time there!

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