Meaher State Park

We have had our eye on Meaher State Park due to an email Campendium sent out several weeks ago. The first time I called, they didn’t have any availability and told me it was because of Mardi Gras. We hadn’t even realized we would be traveling through the Mobile/New Orleans area during Mardi Gras season. After several calls, we luckily secured a reservation for the week we wanted due to a cancellation.

Manci's Antique Club Restaurant near Meaher State Park
Inside eclectic Manci’s Antique Club

The first day, we went on a Jeep drive through the area and ended up at Manci’s Antique Club. We thoroughly enjoyed this place and a beer we both really like happened to be the pint on special. While we were enjoying our beers, a loud beep sounded over the restaurant’s speakers and everyone starting cheering and laughing. We had no idea what was going on until someone explained it us. Turns out, it has to do with a piece of art in the women’s restroom.

Manci's Antique Club Bathroom Art
Interesting art in the women’s restroom

If you lift the fig leaf, the alarm goes off. It was quite hysterical. As we were talking with our waitress, we learned that Manci’s is featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. This prompted us to look up other restaurants in the area that might have been on the show and we discovered Panini Pete’s and Sunset Point. So, we obviously visited both!

Panini Pete's - great restaurant to try while at Meaher State Park
Panini at Panini Pete’s

We drove into downtown Mobile for lunch at Panini Pete’s and explored downtown a little bit. We enjoyed getting out during the work day, but we didn’t really see anything phenomenal in downtown. Valentine’s Day fell during the week we were there so we went for an afternoon drive through Point Clear and Fairhope before having happy hour at Sunset Point to celebrate. We initially weren’t sure if we were going to have dinner there or just a drink and appetizer. We decided to not have dinner there and stop by the butcher shop instead. It turned out to be the perfect way to spend the evening!

Sunset Point
Valentine’s Day happy hour date at Sunset Point

Meaher State Park park is right off a busy causeway on an island. It made for some amazing sunsets and we actually enjoyed sitting outside at night and watching the cars go by. It was peaceful in a way.

Meaher State Park Sunset

What wasn’t peaceful was one morning we were both working and all of the sudden a gust of wind flipped our awning up on the roof. It didn’t seem like it was anywhere near windy enough to cause the awning to flip, but it did. We both ran outside in the pouring rain and were able to get the awning off of the roof before it caused any damage. After the storm, we figured out what exactly happened and we went to hardware store to get what we needed to fix the issue. It’s always an adventure!

Fixing RV Awning during our stay at Meaher State Park
Figuring out what happened with the awning after pulling it off the roof

Now, we are leaving Meaher and are off to Mississippi!

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