McKinney Campground: Lake Allatoona Camping

After Thanksgiving, we headed to Georgia for the first time in the RV. Leigh and I have been married now for almost 4 years, and we did bareboat sailing charters in the British Virgin Islands the first two Decembers. Hurricanes Irma and Maria came through last fall, so it wasn’t an option last year. We are planning another trip this year for December 1-8, so this week in Georgia is between Thanksgiving and our vacation.

New state in the RV!

Lake Allatoona ended up being our choice for this week because it is close to Atlanta, and the cell reception seems pretty good around the lake. We ended up choosing McKinney Campground because it was actually the only one open. All others had closed for the winter.

We had visitors each morning

McKinney Campground was our only option, but it was one of the nicest campgrounds we have camped at. It’s also the first Corps of Engineers campground we’ve tried. Almost all of the campsites are on the lake and have amazing views.  Our site had water views from three sides.  We enjoyed the sunset right from our coach.

Gorgeous sunset from our site

There aren’t any trails, but there are about 5 miles of roads throughout the campground that are pretty good for running.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t that great while we were there. The wind blew all day and night, and we had some of the coldest weather since we’ve been on the RV. In fact, our pipes actually froze on our next to last day. We learned from this that you are supposed to disconnect the water to the coach if it is going to freeze.  It ended up being a good place for us to work, but not the best for being outdoors.

The leak under the coach as a result of our pipes freezing

We had a good week despite the weather and it made us even more ready for our Caribbean vacation.

We can’t wait to be in the Caribbean!

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