Marfa Mystery Lights

We cut our time short in Terlingua by one day because it was super hot. When we returned from our Jeep camping trip, our main AC was giving us some problems, and it was 100 degrees inside the coach. We had a meeting at lunch time and decided to just hit the road.

RV AC repair
Deep in the desert with no AC is no fun

Our next big stop is Carlsbad, NM, but it is a long drive. We decided to make an overnight stop in Marfa, TX to see the Marfa Mystery Lights. I had never heard of this until we came here, but it’s pretty interesting.

The Viewing Center

There is a pretty nice viewing center built specifically for the lights. This is also where we parked overnight. It comes complete with bathrooms, seats, and binoculars. We stopped by on a random Monday night, but there was still a big crowd.

Marfa Lights Viewing Center
Marfa Lights Viewing Center

The Mystery Lights

We’re not sure what we saw, but we definitely saw something! One guy there kept saying they were just car lights, but I don’t think so. The lights showed up in several different positions and moved in weird patterns. Also, they were originally viewed by cowboys in the 1800’s, before cars. There are a lot of possible explanations for the lights, but there is still no conclusion on what causes them.

Marfa Mystery Lights Viewing Center
Putting the binoculars to use spotting the mystery lights

The Town of Marfa

We drove through the actual town of Marfa the next day. It is an artsy, hipster town in the middle of nowhere. We didn’t do much while we were there, but it looked like an interesting place. A few miles past Marfa, we passed the Marfa Prada store.

Prada Marfa
Prada Marfa

This was a great little one night stop for our last of 49 days in Texas…

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