Malibu, CA

Malibu RV Park

We left the Elks lodge in Ontario to head to Malibu as Coronavirus concerns were really getting wild. The RV needed both gas and an oil change before we could hit the road. We rode by Costco right when it opened, but the line was out the door and around the building – absolutely nuts. We obviously kept driving and were able to find what we needed down the road.

Malibu RV Park Arrival

When we arrived at Malibu Beach RV Park we waited outside while we received management approval for our RV’s age. This is the first time we have been in that situation! Luckily we were approved and we got settled in to our site. It rained all day the first day, but on Sunday we were able to go on a hike.

Malibu Beach RV Park
Not a bad view

MASH Trail

We hiked the MASH out and back trail in nearby Malibu Creek State Park. This trail takes you to the film site of the MASH TV series. Even though neither one of us have watched the show, it was still neat to see. The hike was really pretty and it was nice to get out of the RV and get some fresh air with all of the rain we have had lately.

Afternoon Hikes

On Monday it rained again, but it was really pretty the rest of the week so we took advantage of the nice weather and went on a hike each day after work. Thank goodness you can still get outside and get some exercise while practicing social distancing!

Corral Canyon Hike

The first hike we did was Corral Canyon. It was really pretty, but the Hiking Project (the app we use to find hikes) had the description all wrong! It said it was a paved trail and it definitely wasn’t! The trail was a little muddy from all of the rain and overgrown in parts. In fact, we were both worried about encountering a rattlesnake! Luckily we didn’t and were able to get some exercise while enjoying gorgeous views.

When we got back from the hike we decided to grab a beer and go sit outside for the sunset. Boy, are we glad we did! We noticed some whale spouts out in the ocean. There were tons of them right out there! We had our binoculars handy and watched the whales surfacing and swimming around as the sun set. It was such a perfect evening! Of course, I didn’t get any good pictures but that’s ok – we were busy enjoying with our eyes instead of our lenses!

Whale watching at Malibu RV Park
If you look REAL close you can see the spout!

Solstice Canyon Loop

The next day after work, we hiked Solstice Canyon Loop. It was a very nice hike also and started out as a paved path that led us to a waterfall and what is left of a Terraced House. The house was so neat. It unfortunately burned in a fire in 1982, but you could still tell that it was once a sight to behold. It was neat walking around that before we continued on the trail (this part was unpaved) up some super steep switchbacks to a gorgeous view overlooking the canyon and the ocean.

Zuma Canyon

The next day we decided to venture down to Zuma Canyon to go on a hike. We prefer loops, but this area didn’t have a loop that was short enough to finish before sunset. So, we decided on a fire road instead. We hiked up for a couple miles then turned around. Once again, we had amazing views of the canyon and ocean. This area is so pretty! We definitely see why celebrities choose to live in Malibu!

Malibu Hiking
Gorgeous views

We are now headed up the road to Ventura. Our first grocery attempt was a bust – the shelves were completely empty. However, we were a little more successful after a truck came in. On the way to Ventura we plan to fill up our gas tanks, pick up a part from an RV store and be done going in public for at least a week – maybe longer!

COVID-19 empty grocery store

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