Lewiston, ID

After our fun few days in Joseph, we were in store for another pleasant surprise – Lewiston, ID. We really didn’t know anything about the area and only decided to stop because there was an Elks Lodge there that allowed RV camping and it was on our route. We thought we would stay a night or too, but we ended up spending almost a week!

Lewiston Elks Lodge

This Elks Lodge was incredible. It was built overlooking the Snake River and has the most amazing views – sunset views at that! It also had amazing design. There is a super cool fireplace with seating built around it (almost reminded us of something Frank Lloyd Wright would have done) that was really interesting. However, what was really shocking was the women’s restroom!! I don’t even know how to describe it so I’ll include pictures. I totally see this bathroom in it’s prime in the 70’s full of ladies getting ready for a dance! It was wild! The lodge itself was incredible, but the people are what really made it – everyone was so nice and welcoming!!

Exploring Lewiston

The evenings after work that we didn’t visit the lodge, we explored the town of Lewiston. We walked through both the surrounding neighborhoods and downtown to check it out. One evening we took a road trip to Orofino. That was a fun adventure – we checked out some of the Nez Perce NHP Sites along the way. The Nez Perce Trail is the route Chief Joseph and his tribe used to attempt to flee to Canada. It was neat to see the sites and trail since we had just been in Joseph! We were attempting to see a dam that is supposed to be cool, but we didn’t find that and ended up at a delicious Mexican restaurant.

Hells Canyon Tour

Everyone we talked to in the lodge said that a must do for the area is a jet boat tour into Hells Canyon. We saw these tours as we were researching the area, but they are pretty pricey so we weren’t thinking we would do that. However, after literally everyone we talked to recommended it we decided to splurge and give it a go. Hells Canyon is a National Recreation Area and is actually deeper than the Grand Canyon.

On Saturday, we set out for a day of exploring the canyon via jet boat. We went with a company that has a private beach and orchard where we stopped for lunch which was a nice bonus. We had a great day hearing the history of the area, seeing wildlife and being on the water. The river was also full of people that were doing multi day rafting/camping trips. That definitely caught our eye!

Time to Move On

Since we had only planned for a night or two and ended up staying much longer, on Sunday it was time to go. We really enjoyed this unique lodge with such friendly people and would definitely stay again if we are in the area! Hopefully we do make it back so we can do a camping trip down the Snake River!

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