Las Vegas, NV

Bellagio Fountains Las Vegas

One of Austin’s main clients is a company in Chicago and they wanted him to be on site for a meeting. So, we needed to figure out where he would fly out of and decided on Las Vegas. We left the Phoenix area (where we stayed at our first Elks Lodge!) and started the five hour drive to Las Vegas.

Tempe Elks Lodge RV Park
Tempe Elks Lodge – our first Elks stay!

Something is Always Breaking

We stopped to get gas and noticed a leak in the fuel hose that connects the tank to the fuel bib. That’s not good! Not a lot of gas was leaking, but we still put something under there to catch it and added that repair to the never ending list of things to do.

Woman driving RV
I drive every now and then!

Pit Stop en route to Las Vegas

The drive was nice, but it was taking longer than we expected so we decided to stop at a Passport America campground we saw on our route – Dazzo’s Country Store and RV Park. It was the perfect quick stop for a good night’s rest before hitting the road again the next day.

Dazzo's RV Park and Country Store
We didn’t even have to unhook – a perfect pit stop

Las Vegas

I have been to Las Vegas several times, but Austin never has. I knew it wouldn’t necessarily be his cup of tea, but it is still a place to see! We were there the first weekend of December which was both our 5 year anniversary and college football conference championship games

Bellagio at Christmas
Bellagio at Christmas

We got to the strip early on Saturday morning and walked all around checking out the different casinos. We settled in at a sports book to watch the football games from cozy recliners. This worked out really well! We hung out and had a good time before leaving to head back to the RV for dinner.

ACC championship in Las Vegas
Fun day cheering on the Clemson Tigers

Five Year Anniversary

The next day was our FIVE year wedding anniversary. The day started out with a hike before we headed back down to the strip to see it at night. We were standing outside of the Bellagio watching the fountains when Austin suggested we go check out one of the restaurants overlooking them. We didn’t have reservations, but they could still seat us. It was incredible! We had amazing seats with a view of the fountains throughout our delicious dinner. Such a memorable experience! We then stopped by the gelato shop in the Bellagio before heading back to the RV.

Night Alone in the RV

Austin’s work trip went well and I managed just fine my first night alone in the RV. I made pasta, had wine and organized the storage under the couch! We were in Vegas longer than we really needed to be due to the work trip so we were happy to hit the road.

RV under couch storage
Organizing the under couch storage! It got worse before it got better
Our spot at Oasis Las Vegas

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