Lake Powell: Lone Rock Beach

Lake Powell

After leaving Zion, we headed to Lake Powell.  It was so much fun because our friends traveled with us in the RV!  We arrived at Lone Rock Beach and Kelly and I took the Jeep to find a spot for the RV.  As we drove around, we noticed a lot of cars and RVs stuck in the sand!  This was not good.  It seemed like every path we tried had way too much soft sand for the RV to make it safely to the beach.

RV to Lone Rock Beach on Lake Powell
The RV as we are leaving – the best path for us was to the far left as you look at Lone Rock

Lake Powell

Eventually, we talked to someone camping in their Class A and asked which path down they took.  We found a way to get to the water with no problem using his information and some trial and error.  Good thing too because Lake Powell is stunning! Formed in 1963, Lake Powell took 16 years to fill up.  It is such a neat lake and unlike any we have seen. 

Lake Powell's Lone Rock
Lone Rock in Lake Powell

We lucked out with an awesome spot right on the water and camped next to some really fun neighbors.  They even invited us out on their boat one afternoon!!  It was incredible seeing the lake by boat. 

Kelly and David rented an Airbnb really close to where we were camping for the first two nights.  They had us over for dinner one night and it was nice to be able to do some laundry, take showers and be in a house for dinner!   Even though their rental was only 10 minutes away, they were in AZ and we were in UT so they were an hour behind us.  This made planning things a little trickier!!  We had to specify which time zone we were referring to!

Antelope Canyon

The next afternoon we had reservations at Antelope Canyon.  It is a slot canyon on an Indian Reservation so you have to tour it with a guide.  The canyon was beautiful and I am so glad we hiked it. Unfortunately, our guide was not the best.  He was more focused on taking pictures than telling us about the canyon!  We did get some cool pictures though!! We enjoyed the self guided slot canyon experience we had in Grand Escalante (Pekaboo and Spooky) a lot better.

Our guide was more interested in taking random pictures like this than telling us about the canyon!

Horseshoe Bend

Sadly, the next day was Kelly and David’s last day with us.  On our way to drop them off at their rental car, we went to Horseshoe Bend.  It was really pretty and it made us all wish we had signed up for a river raft tour. Next time!  It was neat to see Horseshoe Bend – it’s so crazy seeing how the river cut through the canyon.

Horseshoe Bend
Horseshoe Bend

Originally, we planned to leave Lake Powell too, but we enjoyed it so much we decided to stay for the weekend. We are so glad we did!  The moon rises were incredible so we decided to take the kayak out Friday evening to watch it.  Awesome! On Saturday, we took the kayak out and explored areas of the lake that are accessible only to kayaks.  Lake Powell was so much fun and so pretty.

After a great week exploring the lake and hanging out with friends (both old and new), it was time to hit the road. We ended up deciding decided to head to one of our favorite states – Colorado!

Lake Powell Sunset
We had pretty sunsets all week too

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