James Island County Park Rounds 2 and 3

We are really looking forward to getting out and exploring different parts of the country, but it has taken us a little bit to get out of the Lowcountry.   Hence, we have now stayed at James Island County Park three different times!  Luckily we live in a beautiful place with lots to do!

Another gorgeous Charleston Sunset

Round 2

We had plans to be in Atlanta for the weekend after our Colleton State Park stay so we found ourselves back at James Island County Park.  This time we had most of our projects completed.  However, there was one project that has been haunting us this whole time.  We needed to replace the water filter under the kitchen sink.  We initially ordered a new filter for the existing setup, but the quick connect on one end of the filter had broken off.  After several visits to hardware stores both big and small, we found out that the piece we needed simply doesn’t exist any longer.  So, we decided to change out the water filter system completely.  As with any project, we made yet again several trips to Lowe’s.  We got to the point where we had had enough so we figured we would park the RV in the parking lot and not move until we had it fixed.  So that’s what we did!  On our way back from Colleton, we drove to Lowe’s and parked in the back of the parking lot.  We stayed there until we were able to leave with filtered water!

Austin fixing the water filter

After we left Lowe’s we headed back to James Island County Park.  This time we were in Site 115 which is right by 117 which we stayed in our first week at JICC.  Interestingly, Site 115 was dry in the rain, but Site 117 was super soggy when it rained even though they are literally right next to each other.  We also picked up a tip from the campground host – Sites 86 and 88 supposedly flood when it rains.  We didn’t verify that, but we will take her word for it!

Round 3

Wouldn’t you know, we found ourselves back at James Island yet again!  This time it was because I had surgery on my foot to fix an issue (morton’s neuroma) I have dealt with for over 10 years.  This go around we were in Site 48 which was our favorite site of the several we stayed in.

Charleston is an incredible place to visit and live.  However, we are looking forward to leaving the Charleston area and seeing other parts of the country.

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