Havasu Falls

When I met Austin he had all kinds of great adventure stories. One of them was about a hike down into the Grand Canyon where the waterfalls look like blue gatorade – Havasu Falls. I’ve wanted to do this hike since then, so it was on our must do list when planning our RV adventures. The only problem is, it is on A LOT of people’s must do list.

Beaver Falls

Havasu Falls Permit Process

The waterfalls are on an Indian Reservation and you have to have a permit to hike them. Permits go on sale February 1 and they sell out within a few hours. Needless to say, I set an alarm and logged in as soon as the permits went on sale in February. The site kept crashing and it was a very frustrating experience. However, 3 hours later we had a permit for October 25!! I have been looking forward to this hike for years and it is finally here!

Mooney Falls in Havasupai
Mooney Falls

Getting into the Canyon

With Austin’s back issue, we decided that we would take the helicopter down into and out of the canyon instead of the 12 mile hike to the campsite. We would typically say this is a cop out, but with his back we thought it would be the wisest thing to do. Especially since there will be a lot of hiking while we are in the canyon. However, once we arrived at the trailhead Austin decided he wanted to hike so we hiked in anyway!

Pack mules can take your stuff to Havasu Falls
You can reserve mules to take your packs to town for you. We didn’t do that though.
Hike through the canyon to Havasu Falls
The hike in was really pretty

The hike really wasn’t that bad. We stopped for a snack a time or two and our packs definitely got heavy, but it wasn’t terrible. When we got to town (2 miles or so away from camp), we were really happy to find cold gatorade in the store. That was some of the best gatorade we have ever had!! The store had a few provisions and we grabbed some butter to go with our dinner (lentil pasta) that night. Most of what they had was processed and packaged so I wouldn’t plan on provisioning there for your whole weekend.

Setting up Camp

We arrived at camp as the sun was setting (we got a later start thinking we would take the helicopter) and camp was pretty full. We kept walking and ended up finding a spot right on the river. It was awesome! There was another couple beside us that we really enjoyed talking with the first two nights. We feel like we couldn’t have asked for a better spot!

Havasupai Camping Spot
Our camp site was right on the river

Once we set up camp we headed over to Mooney Falls to check it out. It was absolutely gorgeous. We passed Havasu Falls on the way in and that was amazing too. This place really is magical!!

Havasu Falls

Day 2 – Beaver Falls

After a great night’s sleep, we headed out to Beaver Falls. This is about a 4 mile hike from camp and you have to descend down some sketchy ropes/ladders to Mooney Falls at the start of your journey. I am not afraid of heights (maybe to a fault??) so it didn’t bother me at all. However, a lot of people were freaking out and I guess I get that.

The hike back to Beaver Falls was absolutely gorgeous. You are crossing the river (your feet will definitely get wet!) and hiking through the canyon. It was incredible. I felt like I was living in a stock photo that the computer companies use for desktop backgrounds!

We got to Beaver Falls and it was so gorgeous. We made lunch and hung out. The water was too cold for me to get in, but Austin sure did! After a super fun afternoon at the falls, we headed back to camp.

Austin and our friend we met on the trail braving the cold. His girlfriend and I didn’t get in!

The adventurous day wore us out so we hung out with our neighbors a bit and went to bed early. Luckily, we slept great again and had a lazier morning at camp the next day.

Day 3 – Havasu Falls

We decided we would head back toward the village (2 or so miles) to check out Havasu Falls again and some of the waterfalls we passed coming in. Once again it was a gorgeous day full of amazing views. I feel like some of our pictures look pretty good, but they honestly don’t do it justice. This place is mind blowing!!

Havasu Falls
Gorgeous views in Havasupai

Spring Water

There is a spring in the campground so you can get fresh water which was nice. We drank it untreated and were totally fine. It’s really nice that you don’t have to pack in water for the whole weekend!

Fern Spring Havasu Falls

However, you do need to bring your own food. And be sure to pack it up – the raccoons and rodents are really bad! We hung our packs and had our food in odor proof bags inside of 5 gallon buckets (they had them at the campground). Then, we hung the buckets up on a line. We didn’t have any issues, but we met several people who did. There may be a line already down there, but I do recommend bringing some paracord just in case. I think hanging the bucket really helped keep our food safe!

Our campsite in Havasupai
You can see our bucket under the picnic table. We hung it on the lines with our packs at night and when we were not at camp.

Getting out of the Canyon

After another amazing night at camp (although I did get a little cold this night!), we headed back to town. We did decide to take the helicopter out of the canyon. The line wasn’t too long and we decided that if we did take the chopper it would get us back to the RV in time to do a little work. Also, we had hiked so many miles over the weekend. Considering it was only a month out from Austin’s back injury (turned out to be a herniated disk) we really didn’t want to risk it! The line wasn’t bad for the helicopter and we got out and home just fine!

This was an incredible weekend in one of the prettiest places I have ever been. The cost of the permit and the difficulty to get one has gone up considerably in the past 10 years since Austin first visited Havasu, but it’s totally worth it. I honestly wouldn’t trade the weekend for anything!

Mooney Falls Photo Op
Posing at Beaver Falls

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