Golden, CO – Chief Hosa

Downtown Golden

After our great visit with Chase and Brooke, we stopped for a few days at Chief Hosa Campground in Golden. We originally planned to spend a few more days boondocking in the Winter Park area. However, a spot at Chief Hosa opened up so we decided to stay there since it was much more convenient.

Genesee Mountain Trails from Chief Hosa

After taking off a few days from work, we spent most of our time at Chief Hosa catching up. However, Genesee Mountain has some nice trails near by, and I got in two mountain bike rides and a run to the summit. The mountain bike trail is a 3-4 mile loop and actually pretty flowy and fun. The loop circles around a buffalo enclosure. I didn’t see any buffalo, but there are signs everywhere. These trails were nice for a lunch ride because I could ride straight from Chief Hosa, do a couple of laps, and get back in an hour or so.

Clear Creek RV Park

On Friday we moved from Chief Hosa to downtown Golden for another weekend at Clear Creek RV Park. This was our second stop at Clear Creek. We decided to come back because it’s awesome, and Leigh’s cousin Meredith and her husband Pete were in Denver for the weekend for a Red Rocks show. We met up with them for an amazing evening and dinner at Sherpa House in Golden.

SO much fun seeing my cousin!!!!

This time we had a site right on the creek instead of a few rows back. It was incredible being able to look out the window and see the kayakers and rafters go by. The river is really high right now because of all the snow they had this winter. In fact, when we were here last time the creek was overflowing and covering the walkway in some sections. It has gone down a little, but is still moving super fast. However, it doesn’t stop tons of people from getting out and enjoying the water!

Don’t worry – that was intentional. The kayakers love playing in the creek!

Servicing the Vehicles

On our way into Golden from Chief Hosa, I took the Bounder by the Grease Monkey and got the oil changed. It was the first time I’ve gotten the oil changed anywhere other than Protech in Charleston. It was easier than I expected. We liked the guys there so much I took the Jeep over to get the oil changed and a brake job the next day.

After Golden, we’re heading back to Salida for our first RV Meet Up – an Xscapers Convergence.

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