Golden – Clear Creek RV Park

Downtown Golden CO

After our stop at M&M Equestrian Center, we continued on to Golden, CO. This will be the first of two stops at Clear Creek RV Park. We originally planned to go to another show at Red Rocks from here. However, we spent too much on the first one and opted to sell our tickets instead. The park is in a great location though, and we were looking forward to checking out Golden.

New Mountain Bike

It’s been several years since I have gotten a new bike. A few weeks ago, my brothers convinced me to stop being so cheap and get a new one. I realized they were right. My brother Hunter, who is a state champion mountain biker and a bike shop manager in Charleston, picked out a new bike for me and shipped it out to Golden. I picked it up and got in a couple of great rides on the Table Mountain Loop.

Table Mountain Ride from Clear Creek RV Park
Table Mountain Ride

Clear Creek RV Park

Clear Creek RV Park had great reviews, and they were accurate! The park is right on the creek and there is a bike/pedestrian path from the campground all the way to town. Downtown Golden is really cool and we took advantage of being so close all weekend walking to town several times. There is also a farmer’s market every Saturday in the summers. We checked in and got settled and walked over to the market for lunch. It was great!

Coors Brewery

The main tourist attraction in Golden is the Coors Brewery. We decided to walk over there and check it out one day. The brewery was a bit of a let down. It was kind of touristy and over-priced, but we still had a good time.

Coors Brewery right on Clear Creek

Our next stop is the Denver Airport to pick up my brother and his wife to travel with us for a few days!

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