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After San Antonio, we made our way to Fredericksburg, TX. We were excited to get to Fredericksburg and experience Texas wine country.

Amazing Rest Area near Fredericksburg

All of the RV parks in Fredericksburg are ridiculously expensive. Therefore, we made the decision to spend our first night at Gillespie County Safety Rest Area. We had pretty low expectations for this overnight stop. However, we thoroughly enjoyed this stop. In fact, we almost stayed two nights! From here, we biked to William Chris and Ab Astris wineries. We probably would have biked to a couple more, but they were expensive. While we were riding bikes, we also stopped by Hye Market right before closing time. We didn’t have time to stay, but as a result of the delicious smelling food we decided to go back the next day for lunch.

Boondocking at a rest area near Fredericksburg
Our amazing boondocking spot at a rest area

Luckenbach, TX

After our winery bike tour day, we woke up the next morning with nothing to do but make a short drive to Luckenbach. Before hitting the road, I went for a run through Lyndon B. Johnson Ranch Historic Site – right behind the rest area. After my run, we drove the Jeep back over to Hye Market for lunch and a first – wine margaritas.

Historic Hye Market
Historic Hye Market

After lunch, we made our way to Luckenbach for a day of music and an overnight stop. Luckenbach is much smaller than I expected. The husband and wife duo, Fort Defiance, played most of the afternoon. During their set, they talked about living and traveling in a van. At some point during the day, we ended up connecting with Fort Defiance and finding that we had a lot in common. Oddly enough, we discovered that they spent the night at the same rest area the night before! We really enjoyed meeting them, and we hope to see them on the road again.

Fredericksburg, TX

After a great day in Luckenbach, we made the short drive to Fredericksburg. We stayed at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park. It is kind of expensive for what it is, but it was perfect for the week. One night, we tried smoking our first overnight Boston Butt. The butt spent a full 13 hours on the smoker, and it may have been the best one we’ve ever done. In fact, it smelled so good our neighbors at the campground even came over to check it out when we finally took it off the smoker.

Smoked Boston Butt
This butt was absolutely amazing. We love traveling with our smoker!

Enchanted Rock State Park and Willow City Loop

Fredericksburg is in a beautiful area. One day after work, we did a bike ride at Willow City Loop, a ride full of wildflowers through beautiful Texas hill country.

Willow City Loop Bike Ride

Another night, we drove out to Enchanted Rock State Park and hiked the rock for an amazing sunset. We happened to be there the night before the full moon. The moonrise was also incredible, and there were some interesting things going on in celebration of the full moon – chants and all!

Fredericksburg was a great stop, and we have our longest drive yet for our next stop, the Davis Mountains State Park…

Bluebonnets near Fredericksburg
Scenery from our bike ride

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