Flagstaff, AZ

We have had a really difficult time finding a doctor for Austin’s back but we finally found someone in Flagstaff that would see him. We had really been looking forward to seeing a doctor to try to get some answers.  Austin has been doing better since September 19 when “it” happened, but he is definitely still not anywhere near 100%. Luckily, we ended up really liking the doctor! He was very helpful and informative. We left with another steroid pack, a follow up appointment and an order for an MRI.  Hopefully he continues to improve and the MRI will let us know what is going on.

Neat tree on one of our Flagstaff hikes

Our original plan was to boondock while we were in Flagstaff. However, once our friend decided to visit we decided it might be easier to find a place with hookups that’s closer to town. The place we picked will absolutely not be on our list of recommendations!  It was in a good location, but that’s about all that can be said for the place! In fact, I didn’t even take a single picture of the place!

Downtown Flagstaff
Downtown Flagstaff

Colleen and I went for a couple of hikes and checked out the downtown scene for happy hour a few times. We really enjoyed The Annex.  So much so, that on the night Austin went out with us we went back again! 

The Annex Flagstaff
Good food and amazing cocktails at The Annex

However, our first visit was pretty unique because we overheard some men at the bar talking about a Mezcal tasting.  Turns out – there was a free tasting that night and we totally joined in.  It was awesome learning about Mezcal. Jose led our tasting and since it is his family’s product he was very passionate and knowledgable. We really enjoyed both the presentation and the product! 

Flagstaff has a very outdoorsy feel to it and I liked that a lot.  The downtown scene was pretty fun too.  It’s definitely a city worth exploring if you are in the area!

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