Farmington, NM

We first heard about a new BLM (Bureau of Land Management) campground in Farmington when we were in Texas and it has been on our radar since.  It seemed like a perfect stop between Durango and Albuquerque so we headed that way.  We always read reviews of campgrounds to see what people say about access – especially if it’s BLM land.   However, NONE of the reviews we read mentioned any problems getting to the campground so we plugged the coordinates into our GPS and headed on our way.

When we got to Farmington, we turned off the main road and started down a dirt road toward the campground.  At this point, we would usually disconnect the Jeep and go check out the road before taking the RV.  However, with Austin’s back we didn’t want to do more than we had to.  Well, this was a mistake!!  We started off down the road and it was SO bumpy.  In hindsight, it’s a miracle we didn’t have any trouble getting the RV down as far as we did.  The cabinets were flying open and some pasta sauce started flying out of the cabinets and attacking Austin.  Of course, one burst when it hit the ground so there was pasta sauce and glass all over the place! Oops! 

At this point we did disconnect the Jeep as soon as we could and Austin checked things out in the Jeep while I cleaned up the mess.  Turns out there is a way to get to the campground that’s super easy and this was not it!! We ended up turning around and going back out the way we came.  I followed in the Jeep and we made it to the campground with no problem on the road we should have gone on.  Lesson learned!!

The campground blew us away – it was SO nice and new and it was completely free.  We can not figure out how they can build something so nice and not charge for it!  Every site had a shelter, a nice level spot to park,  a fire pit and a picnic table.  Some of the sites had rock retaining walls and wooden fences!  We enjoyed our stay even though we didn’t do very much while Austin was continuing to improve.  At this point, he is able to walk about 100 yards or so!

Such a nice BLM Campground

We decided it might be nice to break up the drive to Albuquerque and saw a spot right on the way that seemed like it would be great for our needs.  Turns out it was!  We stayed at Theresa’s Beauty Salon and RV Park for a night.  It worked out well since we had a pull through site and full hookups.  We were able to dump and refill before boondocking for 10 days at the Balloon Fiesta!

Theresa’s Beauty Salon and RV Park

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