Doheny and Bolsa Chica State Beaches

Doheny Beach Sunset

After our awesome time in Oceanside, we headed a short distance up the coast to Doheny State Beach in San Clemente, CA. San Clemente has been on our map for a long time because when we were in South Africa in 2018, we met a couple on our photo safari that was from San Clemente.

Visiting Friends

We were really looking forward to visiting our friends Tommy and Emily, but wouldn’t you know – right before our visit Tommy had a horrific bike accident and broke his hip Bo Jackson style. We were still able to see them even though Tommy had just gotten home from the hospital. He was a trooper! We enjoyed getting to catch up with them and look forward to the next time we see them!

Doheny State Beach

Doheny State Beach was a great place to stay. Our site was a short walk out to the beach where we enjoyed several great sunsets after work. There were surfers that provided entertainment as we waited on the sun to set. Doheny also has some sites that are right on the beach. These sites looked awesome! Beach front sites are usually more expensive and often times I don’t really think they are worth it (there might be a dune blocking the view, increased traffic, etc). However, at Doheny they are definitely worth it in my opinion!

Another afternoon after work we went on a bike ride. We are really enjoying the bike rides along the coast. It is so bike friendly here in California and the views are amazing. We rode to San Onofre and back. We enjoyed seeing the sights and checking out the neighborhoods on the way.

More Friends

Some of our other friends (the ones that told us about the Elks Lodge) also happened to be in the area. We ended up deciding to meet them back in Oceanside for dinner and drinks. It was so fun catching up and sharing stories from the road. We hope that we will be able to meet up with again sometime this summer!

Visiting with friends in Oceanside
Hanging with the Gallaghers

Bolsa Chica State Beach

We moved mid-week, but luckily it was another short drive up the coast to Bolsa Chica State Beach. The drive took us through Laguna Beach and Newport Beach. We had neat towns to check out and gorgeous views to enjoy the whole ride. Bolsa Chica State Beach is a small campground and it is basically a small parking lot on the beach. The views are great and we enjoyed being able to walk out to the beach to enjoy the sunset after work.

Doheny to Bolsa Chica Drive
Gorgeous views on our drive

Even More Friends

It ended up being a super social week for us because wouldn’t you know, our friends that live in Moab happen to be in the area too! We met up with Ryan and Carrie for lunch on that Friday. They used to live in the area so they knew a good place to go and pick up sandwiches to take out on the pier and eat. We hung out with them and checked out Seal Beach before heading back to the RV.

I forgot to take a picture with our friends, but I did get the sandwich shop

Heading back South

We were supposed to stay one more night at Bolsa Chica, but we cut our stay short. We had plans to fly back south in a few days for my Grandmother’s 100th birthday. Sadly, she passed away this morning instead – 10 days shy of her 100th. We were able to shift our plans without too much trouble and flew home to celebrate her life. My grandmother was an amazing woman and the service was beautiful.

While we were back south we also spent time with Austin’s family. Despite the circumstances, we had a great time seeing both of our families before heading back to California to the RV.

Austin and one of his brothers and nephew

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