Dillon State Park

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We left A.W. Marion to head to Dillon.  Of course, it wasn’t that easy.  We had the slides in and jacks up – everything was ready to go.  We started up the engine and nothing.  The battery was dead.  Ugh.  Luckily a nice man a few sites down jumped us off so we could get on our way.  We left the campground and headed toward our next destination – Dillon State Park.

We are loving the changing leaves

After a brief stop for lunch and a Walmart run to see if they had a new shore power cord (ours unfortunately melted along with our surge protector), we made it to the campground.  Shortly after we got set up, a wind and hail storm blew through the area.  The hail started falling and then huge wind gusts continued all night – crazy!

The next day we decided to start the coach up and make sure our battery was still good to go.  Well, it was dead as a door nail.  We found that strange too because we stopped not once but twice on our way from A.W. Marion and it started up fine both times.  So, we loaded the battery into the Jeep and drove to AutoZone.  They checked the battery and said everything was fine and it had 80% charge.  We debated over what to do and decided to leave the battery there to get fully charged.  People we met at the last campground suggested Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl to us so we headed there to get some ice cream.  Boy, was it good! Tom’s has been in business since 1948.  You can tell it is a much loved local spot.

We love checking out local spots – especially if ice cream is involved

We went back to AutoZone and they checked the battery again.  This time, it was completely dead.  So they checked a third time – yep, still dead.  We unfortunately had to buy a new battery, but hopefully this will solve our issues.  Slowly but surely just about every component on our Bounder has been replaced!

Dillon State Park is a pretty campground with a lot to do.  We are super late in the season for this area, so we pretty much had the campground to ourselves (of course, except when I want to do laundry – everyone in a 10 mile radius seems to show up then).

The campground was pretty much empty

We picked Dillon State Park partially because it has a system of mountain bike trails, but the wet ground made it really hard to ride. Austin tried them out one day but only made it about 45 minutes before giving up.  The rain was a bummer too because we have been picking campgrounds lately based on mountain biking availability.  Dillon was still a great pick for us for a productive work week.

Campfire evenings

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