Crooked River State Park

Tabby Construction Sugar Mill

After an overnight stop in Beaufort, SC to see friends and family, we made our way to Crooked River State Park.  Crooked River State Park is right on the Georgia/Florida border on the east coast.  We lucked out and got the last site that was available for the week we were going to be there. This park stays busy and we see why!  There are great trails and it is right on the Crooked River which has great views.

Super Blood Wolf Moon

We settled in on the day of the lunar eclipse (the Super Blood Wolf Moon) and managed to stay awake to be able to see the moon turn red.  It was awesome!

Blood Moon
We saw the moon turn red

Amazing Trails in Crooked River

In addition to the awesome views, the park also had a lot of great trails.  We took a walk just about every day at lunch to take advantage of the awesome trails right in the park.  The park also has a very nice boat launch that stayed pretty busy.  We used this to set off for our kayak camping trip!

Crooked River trails
One of the many trails in the park
Crooked River Boat Launch
Off to Cumberland Island we go

Crooked River also had something I had never seen before – a bird blind!  It was a structure that you could go sit inside and look out over a bunch of bird feeders they have set up.  The birds can’t see you and you were looking out through a wall of windows. It was super cool to see that.  If only it had been the right time of year for painted buntings!

Crooked River Bird Blind
The bird blind – I had never seen this before

McIntosh Sugar Mill Park

McIntosh Sugar Mill Park is about a mile or so away from the state park.  It is free to visit and I think it is definitely worth a quick stop.  It is the ruins of a sugar mill that was built in the late 1820’s of tabby concrete.  Oyster shells are a main component of tabby concrete.  It was neat to see the ruins of this old building and the grounds were really pretty as well.

McIntosh Sugar Mill Tabby Ruins
McIntosh Sugar Mill

St. Mary’s, Georgia

The town of St. Mary’s pleasantly surprised us!  We visited local shops and really appreciated the friendly service they gave us.  If we are ever in the area again, we will absolutely make it a point to stay at Crooked River State Park.

Downtown St. Mary's
Downtown St. Mary’s
St. Mary's Tide Clock
St. Mary’s tide clock in downtown

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