Croft State Park and Thanksgiving

After Whitebarrel Winery and a weekend stop in Charlotte to stay with friends, we only had a few days before Thanksgiving in Townville, SC. We decided to spend these days at Croft State Park in Spartanburg, SC.

Awesome view from inside the RV

Despite growing up only about an hour from there, I’d never been, but it was beautiful. There were plenty of sites with great views overlooking Lake Craig, and there were also plenty of trails. Like a lot of other places we’ve been to, the trails would have been better if there hadn’t been so much rain lately, but they were still good.  It was nice to have a productive work week before taking off for the holiday.

Our site at Croft State Park

The day before Thanksgiving we packed up and headed to my parents’ house.  On the way, the engine made an odd noise when we hit a bump in the road.  We pulled over and quickly realized that one of the battery terminals was loose and that was the cause of our problem.  Leigh stayed with the RV and I drove to several auto parts stores before finding what I needed.  Luckily, it didn’t delay us too much and we got the situation under control.

Austin fixing the battery terminal with his long hair

We continued on to Townville, SC and parked the Bounder in my parents’ yard. We were glad that this was an option because their yard is pretty steep, but it worked out really well. It was great hanging out with family for Thanksgiving, and we got to use my mom’s new smoker to smoke the Thanksgiving turkey.

My parents live on Lake Hartwell. One of the highlights of the house is that it is about a 30 minute boat right up to Clemson. On Saturday, we took their tritoon up to Clemson to tailgate for the Clemson vs South Carolina game. For some reason, not many people take boats to Clemson games, but it is amazing driving to the game with no traffic, and you can park right behind the Esso and walk to all of the tailgates.  We had a great time tailgating with some friends before heading back to my parents’ house to watch the game.

Enjoying a tritoon ride to tailgate for the Clemson Game
Sunset boat ride home from Clemson

I think it had been almost a year since my last haircut so I was long overdue.  My visits to the auto parts stores and not being taken seriously confirmed it was finally time.  My mom was thrilled that I was finally willing to get a haircut and happily got out her scissors.

A long overdue and much appreciated haircut


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