Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park

We completely ran out of water in Mount Shasta, so we left a little earlier in the day than we originally planned. Around 10am on Thursday, we packed up and started our trek to Oregon.

Kl-Mo-Ya Casino

This travel day turned out to be one of our more challenging ones. We planned to stop at the Pilot in Weed, CA to dump and fill. They didn’t have water, so we kept going. I had a call for work at noon, so we stopped at Truck Stop right across the border in Oregon. We filled up the vehicles, ate lunch, finished the call, and kept going. We stopped again at a City Park in Klamath Falls and dumped. However, they didn’t have water either, so I drove the RV to the fairgrounds campground to get water while Leigh took the Jeep to the grocery store. I met up with her after we finished, and we continued on to Kla-Mo-Ya Casino for the night. We only planned to stay for one night, but we really enjoyed it and stayed through the weekend.

We liked Kla-Mo-Ya because it was free, had great cell service, and felt really safe. Our next door neighbors were also great, Bruce and Carol. They are from Florida and have taken their trawler to the Bahamas almost every year for the past 20 years. Cruising the Bahamas is one of our dreams, so we picked their brains all weekend.

Crater Lake

On Saturday, we planned a repeat of our weekend at Lassen Volcanic National Park. We had a leisurely morning, packed a burrito for lunch, and drove to the park to explore. Once in the park, we drove east on the Rim Drive toward our planned hike, Mount Scott. On the way, we stopped at an overlook for lunch. The lake wasn’t visible for the first few miles of our drive. However, when we finally saw it, we were amazed. The lake is amazingly blue and has the best reflections of any lake we’ve seen.

Crater Lake reflections
Check out those reflections!
Crater Lake National Park Picnic
We had lunch out on this point – it was gorgeous!

Mount Scott

Mount Scott is the highest point in Crater Lake National Park at 8,934 feet. The hike to the top is about 5 miles, and it really isn’t too tough compared to some of our recent hikes. We chose this hike because it has a great view of the whole lake.

Mount Scott Hike Crater Lake National Park

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