Colleton State Park

Kayaking 23 miles from Colleton to Givhan’s Ferry

After spending a week at Edisto Beach State Park we were ready for a change of scenery and a little more adventure.  We decided on Colleton State Park for 2 nights (August 4 and 5) to go on a kayak trip down the Edisto River.  The Edisto River is one of the longest free-flowing blackwater rivers in North America covering over 250 miles.

Colleton State Park

The park is in a pretty remote area so we stocked up on groceries before heading to the campground.  Unfortunately, this led to an RV Fail on the way as the contents of the fridge exploded all over the floor while we were driving.   Of course this happened in a torrential downpour as well!

We got set up at the campground and Austin drove the Jeep (with his bike on the rack) to Givhan’s Ferry State Park and rode his bike back to Colleton while I cleaned up the contents of the fridge.  We hung out with a beautiful view of the Edisto River and smoked some meat for dinner.  It was a perfect day at the campground!

Colleton State Park Site 11

The next day we kayaked 23 miles from Colleton to Givhan’s Ferry.  The river was at a flood level (11.3 feet) so some didn’t think it would be safe to go.  However, we contacted local outfitters and did plenty of research and decided that based on our experience level and the type of boat we were in we would be ok.  There were 3 or 4 technical spots due to downed trees and limbs, but pretty uneventful other than that.  However, the flooding did make it tricky to find dry land to stop for lunch!

One of the only spots with dry land for lunch during our journey
Edisto River

We made it to Givhan’s Ferry State Park after a 6 hour adventure down the river and loaded the kayak back up to head home!  All in all a great stay at a convenient campground.

Kayaking 23 miles from Colleton to Givhan’s Ferry

Campground Review:

  • We were in Site 11 and it was really nice and riverside.  If we go back, I would try to get Site 9 as it has a slightly better view
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Good cell/internet service (Verizon hot spot and AT&T cell service)
  • Riverside campsite
  • Larry the park ranger couldn’t have been more helpful and welcoming.  He was everything you could want in a park ranger!
  • Within an hour of Charleston, SC
  • There isn’t much to do in the area or at the park if you don’t plan to be on the river or day trip to Charleston

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